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Finding a Vegan Wine

  When people make the decision to go vegan, they tend to focus on ensuring that the food they eat is free of animal products. Many new vegans are surprised to discover, though, that they must also consider the use of animal products when choosing what to drink. Proteins and other solids can give wine a cloudy appearance and affect the flavor. Winemakers use fining agents to remove the solids and adjust the flavor. These agents usually either bind with the solids due to the opposite electrical charges of the two substances or simply absorb the impurity. Fining agents like …

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Jaxsons Night Market at Hemming Park

It was a significant milestone for the downtown core. An outdoor marketplace held one night a month has drawn 50,000 visitors to the downtown area since it began last spring. presented by , celebrated its return to on Thursday, September 17th with fresh, sustainably grown and artisan food producers, food trucks, a craft beer garden and fashion trucks hosted downtown. Opened on the heels of One Spark in April 2014, Jaxsons Night Market has grown into the most exciting event held monthly downtown since began over 10 years ago. Founders of Jaxsons Night Market sought to create a signature reoccurring …

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