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Eating By Boat: 9 Places To Feast On The St. Johns

Since our boat motor gave out last year, St. Johns Riverkeeper has been relying heavily on volunteers like our River Patrol to help us investigate and communicate pollution spills and algae blooms. This summer, we are launching a fundraising campaign to purchase a new Kencraft from Sadler Point Marina, and are hoping to get back on the water soon. Having a boat is critical to the work that we do. Thinking about the prospects of a new patrol boat for got me thinking about all the great places to visit on the water for food and drinks. Rent a boat, …

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On The River: Raising a Ruckus for the St. Johns

  Every Saturday under the shade of the , the Riverside Arts Market brings thousands of people to our downtown waterfront for local produce, fresh food, artisan crafts, live music and entertainment. While the St. Johns River is a beautiful backdrop for all of these exciting weekend activities, the river itself is seldom used. The 200 ft. boat dock may get one or two visitors. The Water Taxi doesn’t stop here. Kayakers or swimmers aren’t usually seen passing by the waterfront amphitheater. Fishing isn’t allowed. The river isn’t as healthy as it could be. Algae blooms are so common now …

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LET’S FISH: Fishing Hotspots on the First Coast

The First Coast is known around the world for its exceptional and diverse fishing hotspots. Whether you fish off-shore, in-shore or from-shore the water around here offer anglers a diverse variety of options. The close proximity of the warm water of the Gulf Stream provide saltwater anglers everything from giant Grouper to Kingfish (See Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament). Fishing off-shore requires a major investment in the necessary equipment and boat to safely land the big ones. Most of the avid saltwater cowboys attack the Atlantic Ocean with a large sport fishing craft and usually make a day of it. There are saltwater …

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