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Dutton Island Preserve_Photo Will Dickey

The Timucuan Trails: Dutton Island Park and Preserve

By Hallie Stevens, Timucuan Trail Parks Foundation, Inc. Dutton Island is really two Timucuan Trail parks: Dutton Island I (Dutton Island Preserve), managed by the and Dutton Island II (Dutton Island Park and Preserve expansion), managed by the . Both preserves consist of unspoiled salt marsh, pine flat woods, scrub, and live oak hammocks. The western edge of Dutton Island I is bordered by the . Eagles are commonly seen while fishing on the pier at the north end of the island. A curiosity at Dutton Island II are the random birdhouses along the hiking trails, high up in the trees. Dutton …

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Swamp Radio Summer 2015

Spinning Yarns: Swamp Radio Tells Tales of North Florida

Event: Swamp Radio: How’s Your Summer? Date/Time: Friday June 12th, 8pm Location: Florida Theatre, 128 E Forsyth St Tickets: $25.50 or $50 with Olio dinner Contact: Florida Theatre Box Office 355-2787 or floridatheatre.com There is little doubt that Florida is a melting pot where all eccentricities proudly strut about with their freak flags flying high. There is also a brilliant undercurrent of culture and history that help weave the fabric of the region. That diversity offers a deep well of thought-provoking material and hilarious gems floating generously close to the surface. , a live radio show experience created and directed …

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Swamp Radio: When Christmas Came Too Early

    By Dorothy Fletcher, Performed by Harolyn Sharpe in  show I don’t suppose I am alone in this, but I must have spent countless hours listening to the advice my Mama offered me—things like wearing clean, non-raggedy underclothes, just in case I was ever in an accident or eating my vegetables so I wouldn’t get rickets or scurvy. But the one piece of advice that seemed the most important to my Mama was that one should never ever begin celebrating Christmas until after the Thanksgiving dishes were washed and put back into the cupboards. Because of the way she …

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