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Opening Credits Roll for Florida State, James Blackman Primed For Breakout

Profile: Florida State’s James Blackman Slender Man is a horror movie monster, one that stands very tall and is hauntingly thin. In movies characters that are being haunted by the tall and thin supernatural monster know not to fall asleep, or he’ll be waiting to haunt your dreams. This season defensive backs facing off against should take these fictional victims’ advice.  Don’t sleep on James “Slender Man” Blackman! At 6’5 195 lbs., Blackman fits the bill of the supernatural horror icon. Tall, thin, and possessing scary arm strength, the newly anointed starting quarterback for FSU is here to haunt the …

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The Island Theater Upgrades with 'Be More Chill'

The Island Theater Upgrades with ‘Be More Chill’

‘Be More Chill’ is a phenomenal musical about teen angst, self identity and the impact social disconnection has on the generation Be More Chill may have closed on Broadway this past weekend, but it’s just ramping up at in and how lucky the fan base is that it is. Be More Chill is a musical with a unique history. It opened on Off Broadway and closed without making the leap to Broadway only to be revived two years later by popular demand. It’s second Off Broadway run quickly turned into a more than respectable Broadway run and a Tony nomination …

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Mohamed Bamba, Orlando Magic Venture to Vegas, NBA Summer League Spotlight on Mo Bamba, Mo Bamba looks to avoid a sophomore slump in Orlando after a brief but impressive showing at Summer League, Feud Sports

Orlando Magic Venture to Vegas, NBA Summer League Spotlight on Mo Bamba

NBA Spotlight: Orlando Magic’s Mohamed Bamba The NBA Summer League has become a destination event for elitists and fans alike. It gives newly drafted players their first taste of NBA action. Not to be outdone, sophomores looking to avoid the slump lace them up to show they have made improvements from their rookie season. Even undrafted players get a look and attempt to impress the NBA’s brass in hopes of scoring a roster spot. Summer League for the Orlando Magic faithful isn’t nearly as exciting this time around as it has been in recent years, with all eyes on the …

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Best Little Laugh House: “LIVE GIRLS” at Phase Eight, Jacksonville’s Newest Theatre Company

A PHASE EIGHT THEATRE COMPANY REVIEW Phase Eight, Jacksonville’s newest theatre company, launched its inaugural season in January, 2017, and presented “Live Girls” as an end of summer show during August 10 – 13 at a studio in the Broadcasting facility in downtown Jacksonville. We were among those in the full house first night audience for the exclusive world premier of the work of playwright . He is a graduate of , with an MFA in Playwriting and Screenwriting, and now makes his home in Jacksonville. The production of is set in a brothel in an unnamed southern city, and …

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Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Release Custom College New Era Caps

The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp have released custom collegiate New Era Caps with all your favorite team colors. They’ll sell fast so get them while they last at the stadium or online. So Dolphins maaayyyy eat Shrimp, doesn’t mean this JU colorway isn’t sharp. LIMITED EDITION: https://t.co/lqafZHcCQ3 pic.twitter.com/pevaUUgrEB — Jax Jumbo Shrimp (@JaxShrimp) May 30, 2017 New  can be purchased at the stadium or online! Two Bits! Four Bits! Six Bits! A Dollar! All for the Shrimp Stand up and holler! LIMITED EDITION: https://t.co/lqafZHcCQ3 pic.twitter.com/8OdFJwqi65 — Jax Jumbo Shrimp (@JaxShrimp) May 30, 2017 Show your support for the Jumbo Shrimp whether …

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Marcus Roberts Coming Home to The Florida Theatre

Genius comes in many forms and influences along the way count, especially when a young, budding little boy loses his sight from glaucoma and cataracts at 5 years of age and his mother’s impact as a gospel singer takes hold. Music lifted this child into a world of brightness and lit the spark of genius. The personal influence of this child’s Mother gave him the support and guidance he needed building a foundation from which he  exploded in talent after immersing himself with the notes and music of Louis Armstrong, Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, John Coltraine, Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll …

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Iron & Wine by Sam Beam

Making a living from music was nothing more than a pipe dream for 39-year-old  at the turn of the 21st Century. Circa 2001, Beam had completed an MFA from ’s film school and was working as a professor of film at the  in Miami (now referred to as the Art Institute). Becoming a world traveling, indie folk troubadour gracing the pages of  was furthest from his mind. As a hobby, the gifted artist had been messing around in his Miami Beach bedroom with a mike and eight tracks, recording tenderly wispy, introspective numbers under the pseudonym Iron and Wine–named after …

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