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Rob Middleton Art, Jacksonville, Florida, Abstract Expressionist Painter, Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

Total Freedom: 10 Questions with Abstract Expressionist Painter Rob Middleton

Courtesy of our friends at the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville We, as a society, sometimes have an unhealthy, or at the very least an unproductive, response to the success of others. Social media, which certainly has its benefits, is riddled with examples of this type of behavior, which includes destructive criticism, unjustified public shaming, and passive aggressive commentary. Online networks can be a black hole where individuals can lose their sense of time, civility, and the impact of their words. That isn’t always the case, however, as was recently illustrated through a post made by abstract expressionist painter Rob Middleton. Rob’s entry, which was posted …

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Celebrated Atlanta-based artist  is fascinated with Shakespeare’s lesser known plays. His most recent exploration is focused on Shakespeare’s least celebrated tragedy, Timon of Athens. “Timon of Athens is a bad play by a great writer,” Drennen says, “and that’s exactly the type of unstable platform that stimulates me to create new work.” Join us this Friday, March 21st, at for the opening reception of Awful & Others, wherein Drennen exhibits this new work following the title character’s self-destructive spiral as he pulls a cluster of divergent characters into his vortex. Craig Drennen’s work has been exhibited in more than 85 …

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