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Underbelly Celebrates 3 Year On Top

Three years ago, the owners of rolled the dice and re-opened the venue in an area of downtown Jacksonville usually reserved for the legal sect. There wasn’t a lot going on in terms of live music but they hoped that the move would help inspire change. The gamble paid off. Underbelly celebrates its third anniversary Saturday with the release of new album Ground & Air with supporting openers and at 113 East Bay Street 353-6067, www.underbellylive.com. According to the club’s website, the excitement is palpable. “Can you believe it’s only been 3 years since we moved downtown?!? We can’t either!!” …

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On the River: Meet our new Jacksonville River Taxi

The defining feature of downtown Jacksonville is the . There is no better place to visualize the tremendous potential of our city than while cruising on our downtown . We often take this vessel for granted, while failing to take advantage of the benefits it could provide. Currently, our River Taxi serves a very limited and utilitarian purpose. It transports people from one side of the river to the other and helps to alleviate traffic on game days and major events. What if, instead, the River Taxi expanded by offering commuter transportation, taking people to desirable destinations, and providing tours …

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