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Racing Against Hate Like My Life Depends On It 

By Suzie Pollak Becker    I always have a valid passport, cash on hand and a heightened fight or flight instinct braided like challah into my DNA. Why? Because all four of my grandparents were hunted, captured, tortured and marked for extinction. Their grandparents escaped pogroms. My most curious cousin traced us getting chased out of our homes as far back as the Spanish Inquisition. My mom was raised in Israel between sirens and taking shelter during the Sinai War, Six-Day War, War of Attrition and Yom Kippur War. Until she emigrated here in 1975 and met my father. They …

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Weird Wild Stuff

Words by Shelton Hull   Here’s some breaking news: Men are vain. You may know that already, if you’re a Carly Simon fan or just a woman in general, but this is extreme. “GQ,” which has been at the forefront of masculine culture for decades, recently ran an article about a disturbing new subculture of men who are, shall we say, not tall, but who have taken extreme measures to achieve new heights of, well, height. They’re getting this done in the worst possible way: by paying upwards of $75,000 each to have their damn femurs broken with titanium nails …

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