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I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday, Jacksonville Film Festival, Durden Godfrey

‘I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday’ Experience From the Jacksonville Film Festival

The Jacksonville Film Festival seems like it’s starting to make a modest comeback, screening such films as ’s I am Going to Kill Someone This Friday. The film fest is largely defunct, but the non-profit under that name is looking to hold screenings throughout the year. Durden Godfrey is a Jacksonville director, working with Jacksonville talent and shooting in Jacksonville. He’s known for his music videos and slasher type films. This film is less straightforward, more of a psychological thriller with slasher elements. The crowd that came out was a mixed one both in dress and attitude: Bikers in evening …

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SPECIAL SCREENING: Jacksonville Film Festival presents Durden Godfrey’s “I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday”

Local independent film, I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday, sets a new bar for how indie productions are produced and what should be expected from the end result, offering moviegoers a quality experience that dares to reach for the quality and consistency of big budget films while enjoying the depth and edginess that is commonly exclusive to indie cinema. With a story inspired by Hitchcock and an aesthetic inspired by Kubrick, ‘Kill’ lands right on the mark it intended to hit. I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday will screen for a limited audience in Jacksonville, Florida …

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Never Go Back: A Conversation with Local Filmmaker David Petlansky

The name may sound familiar if you’ve had any connection to the local film community in the past, oh, 15 years or so. His extensive resume includes titles like Turn, Everything Means Nothing, Tomorrow Mourning, and Black Matter Tomithy, all shot and produced locally on the First Coast under the pseudonym of . Petlansky considers Jacksonville his hometown, being raised here from a young age. He and his wife moved to Missouri briefly before returning to Florida upon learning they were expecting their first child, due in September. Eschewing film school in favor of a “stumbling” learning experience, Petlansky’s path could …

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