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Seances, Spiritualism, and Women's Rights: Tim Gilmore's Tale of Anna Fletcher, Anna Fletcher spiritualism history

Seances, Spiritualism, and Women’s Rights in Jacksonville: Tim Gilmore’s Tale of Anna Fletcher

Local author offers a fascinating look at the wife of former Florida Senator Duncan U. Fletcher in his new book “Channeling Anna Fletcher: On Seances and Women’s Rights.” Gilmore tells the story of the woman who struggled to reconcile the constraints and proprieties of a senator’s wife with her belief in Spiritualism. Gilmore will host a book launch will be held from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Oct. 19 at the , 101 W. 1st Street, Jacksonville. The event will include a discussion on the convergence of early women’s rights activism and psychic investigation with live music by the Dead Shepard Sounds. “Anyone …

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FSCJ Dramaworks, Repossessions, Dr. Tim Gilmore

1990 Mass Shooting in Jacksonville is Brought to Stage by Local Playwright Dr. Tim Gilmore

A DUAL CRITICS FSCJ DRAMAWORKS REVIEW FSCJ Dramaworks at Wilson Center for the Arts staged the world premiere of ’s latest play Repossessions: Mass Shooting in Baymeadows during April 11 – 14, 2019. The play, a study of the aftermath of a mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida on June 18, 1990, was widely publicized in advance by the local press, which brought full-house audiences. Playwright Gilmore wrote the play based on numerous interviews with family members, friends, and survivors of the tragedy as well as firefighers, police staff, and reporters who became involved. The play does not contain scenes of the shooting …

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“The Mad Atlas of Virginia King” Book Launch and Signing

Local author, FSCJ professor and Jax Psycho Geo founder, will unveil his latest work, “,” at the Jacksonville Historical Society’s Old St. Andrews Church on Thursday, October 8th. Known by residents as a “Riverside character,” Virginia King wrote an 8,448-page highly inaccurate book about her hometown of Jacksonville, with a title almost as long. The pastor who eulogized her called her a prophet. Dena Snodgrass, longtime president of the Jacksonville Historical Society, dismissed her as a mere “history bluff.” King’s book, “Interesting Facts about Leading People and Families of Duval County: Also, Where Progress Has Changed a Lot of Homes …

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