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Bricks and Bouqs

 Bouq To the researchers at the University of North Florida for receiving a U.S. patent. This award was given after three UNF researchers discovered a targeted cancer-fighting compound, or peptoid, that targets certain breast, colon, and lung cancers and stops them from progressing. This promising discovery could lead to significantly better patient outcomes for difficult-to-treat cancers.  To VyStar Credit Union and the Florida Prepaid College Foundation for providing two-year scholarships to 18 High School Branch students.   Brick To those who think it’s OK for someone who can’t even vote in the presidential election, win it. Do we just not …

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Miami's Rising Tide of Climate Action, ashley-satanosky-325852-unsplash

Reality Check for Florida? Miami’s Rising Tide of Climate Action

For decades, Miami has been an international tourist destination, known for its lavish nightlife and decadent beach lifestyles. Yet lately, in popular imagination, its reputation as a perennial, sunny playground of the rich and fabulous is preceded by predictions of its imminent drowning. Therefore, it is not so surprising that Miami has joined a coalition of the willing with other major US cities to do what they can to counter the Trump administration’s belligerence towards curbing climate change. President Trump’s departure from the Paris Climate Accords has only accelerated this trend and cities are increasingly taking climate policy into their …

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4 Decades In Comedy: Sinbad Reminisces About Military, Bill Cosby & Donald Trump

In a lot of ways, Sinbad owes the success of his career to the United States military. Back in 1981 when the comedian, known then as David Atkins, was in the Air Force, he competed in a talent contest on base. He got some laughs, enough to keep getting back on the stage. But it was his failure to make the Air Force basketball team that prompted Sinbad to develop the style that would eventually frame his 30-plus year career in stand-up, television and film. “That was the first time I really got serious about comedy,” he says. “Up until …

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All Hail! Commander-In-Comedy Bob DiBuono at the Jacksonville Comedy Club

Love him or hate him, has always been a character. His speech patterns, mannerisms and unnatural pigment bordered on the ridiculous, even before he finagled his way into the Oval Office. Comedian has always been drawn to characters and has made a career out of doing spot-on impressions of some of Hollywood’s most recognizable voices. He also stars as the resident Trump impersonator on Comedy Central’s Nightly Show. DiBuono brings his act to the May 25-27 (https://www.jacksonvillecomedy.com). DiBuono does a legit impression of Trump, but he does more than just mimic the myriad absurdities by injecting humor into a routine …

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EUMixtapes Jacksonville, Florida

#EUMixtapes 2: The Election Mix

  The Election Mix With Election Day a mere 8 days away, we’ve got a mix to get you in that ‘fulfilling-my-civic-duty-in-a-functioning-democracy’ kind of mood! As a kind of history of this election cycle’s highs and lows, this mix will pay homage to everything from to the Trump tape, Clinton’s emails, dismantling President Bill Clinton’s legacy, feelin’ the Bern, to having the first female candidate of a major US political party. This playlist is best enjoyed either while reading your sample ballot, on your way to your voting station, or celebrating on November 9 that this hell is finally over. …

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FSCJ Artist Series presents Capitol Steps Live 2016, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Jacksonville, Florida

Climbing The Political Beanstalk with Elaina Newport of “CAPITOL STEPS”

It was the Senate office Christmas party in 1981 when and her fellow staffers first lampooned their political contemporaries in song. Performing a parody of your workplace in front of the boss who also happens to hold a public office is a bold move. Newport waited for the fallout that never came. “We worked up a few songs and we really thought we’d do it once and be told to stop, get fired or both,” she says. “And we were sort of surprised when someone said ‘hey,we have our party next week. Will you do our party, too?’ No one …

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a Vote For Laughter ‘ “MEIN TRUMP”

MEIN TRUMP AWKWARD SILENCE JAX COMEDY TROUPE REVIEW DICK KEREKES & LEISLA SANSON [email protected] a comedy troupe based in Jacksonville, Florida, presented a two-performance show at on September 25, 26, 2015. The Dual Critics reviewed the troupe’s initial stage appearance last year, in November, 2014, at . After that successful and very funny production, they applied to the Orlando Fringe Festival and were awarded a performance spot. Their appearance was well received, they learned a lot about preparation and promotion, and hope to return this year, so they can bring share their talents with a wider audience. As you can …

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