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A New Gallery in San Marco: The Vault at 1930

For art lovers here in Jacksonville, there’s a huge pool of local talent to chose from. There’s a new place to find some of that talent in the San Marco neighborhood. Located in a building just off of the shopping district is . “There is an abundance of art talent here, some that have built a huge following, others just emerging, but all with one purpose: to share art with the world,” says gallery owner . Carr, who is known in the neighborhood as the proprietor of consignment shop, opened the commission-based gallery with her husband Jim last November. Rula …

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Sculptor Dolf James: A Love of Metal, Community & Public Art

 has worked hard these past years. Ever since imagination #2, he has diligently been a mentor to many young artists, a gatekeeper for dozens of artists at in Historic Riverside, and a working sculptor. His number 1 with an asterisk debuted at the inaugural One Spark event. He has continued to be a voice in the region regarding art and culture, and he has developed a studio worth salivating over at CoRK that’s a true sculptor’s paradise— and the door is locked, so he can work. When asked what he thinks about the impact of the recent J. Johnson Gallery …

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Modulism at J Johnson Gallery

 opens its fourteenth season with , a cross-discipline exhibition exploring the relationship between modular, geometric forms and negative space. The exhibition features the art of  and , two artists whose work reimagines simple forms, with a close attention to the details and processes used to create them. New York-based artist Andrew Zimmerman’s bold, three-dimensional paintings appear almost planar when juxtaposed with Dolf James’s large-scale metal sculptures filling the west gallery, however both echo a shared minimalist sensibility and emphasis on seriality. The impact of the combined imagery evokes the contrast of each artist’s creative energy. Since completing his B.F.A. at …

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