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A zany comedy “Insane with Power”

ORANGE PARK COMMUNITY THEATRE REVIEW Dick Kerekes & Leisla Sansom [email protected] presents the Florida premiere of the zany comedy “” at their playhouse on Moody Road in Orange Park, Florida. The production, which opened on November 6, 2015, will be on stage through November 22. The play was written by Indiana playwright in 2007, and was the first play he ever wrote. Since then, he has authored a dozen plus comedies that have been produced by schools and community theatres throughout the country. OPCT has a tradition of staging farces; plays with farfetched plots filled with physical comedy. Regular patrons …

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Orange Park Community Theatre "Toby Show"


OPCT opened its first show of 2015 on February 6, with the family-friendly comedy “,” which will be on stage through February 20 in. The play was written by the late Aurand Harris who penned over fifty plays, the majority of them geared toward good family entertainment. The play is a throwback to the days before radio and television, when traveling actors played to large and small cities in tent shows. This is a fractured fairy tale. And what is a fractured fairy tale? Well, the popular movie “,” released at the end of 2014, is a perfect example. They …

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Theatre review: Murder Among Friends

opened the 2014-2015 season with “,” a comedy/mystery by . The show opened on October 17, 2014 and will be on stage through November 1 in Orange Park, Florida. This play debuted in New York in 1975, was briefly on , and has been staged by a number of community theatres and dinner theatres on and off. It is a clever little whodunit with many humorous and intriguing twists and turns. The plot revolves around Angela, attractive and very wealthy, who is married to Palmer Forrester, an aging and remarkably grandiose Broadway actor. During the opening scene we learn that …

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Alhambra’s Breaking Legs

 opened Tom Dulack’s  at their playhouse on Moody Road in Orange Park. It will run through April 13, 2014. This is the first community theatre production of this comedy; it was part of the ‘s 2004 season starring . This is the tale of a New England College professor Terrance () who is also a part-time playwright. He is trying to get financing from a trio of Italian mobsters in the Boston area to get his play staged Off-Broadway. He has some connections to the family who owns the restaurant where all the action takes place, as the alluring 28 …

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