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Don’t Be Wary…. Just Make Sure You Strap Up Against Sexual “Scaries”

Words by Amiyah Golden With the spooky season approaching, ghost, ghouls and goblins should be the least of your concerns — as an array of sexual diseases continue to linger among the living due to inadequate education, prevention and the overall stigma.   The existence of STDs and STIs is not just a “Goosebumps” tale but a very real problem that must be discussed. With the topic of sexual health often being regarded as “taboo,” it continues to perpetuate the idea of shame, leaving many people embarrassed and not taking the proper precautions and resources available. It leaves for this …

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Dating in a Polluted Fish Bowl… It’s Not You, It’s Them

Words by Amiyah Golden   After taking a few months to heal and fill up my schedule with many arbitrary hobbies, It doesn’t exempt me from finding myself back in the never-ending circle of unprovoked exhaustive interactions with Jacksonville men.    I often catch myself turning my nose up in disgust when approached by the male species; particularly since my discovery of the Facebook group “Are We Dating the Same Guy.”    Although I had already heard my fair share of horror stories through numerous recounts of TikTok storytimes, I was intrigued to hear Jacksonville has its own group (with …

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