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WHAT’S BREWING?: Craft Brewery Creations

You felt it. I know you did. The excitement your inner child experienced as you opened Christmas presents last month. Age doesn’t matter, does it?  It must be the combination of realizing someone cares enough about you to spend the time and money in selecting a special gift just for you and the mystery of what lies within the confines of the package. It could also be the anticipation of the enjoyment of your festively wrapped-up boon in the months to come. Craft beer gives you the opportunity of experiencing this type of excitement every time you step into one …

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What’s Brewing? Oktoberfest

A personal beer mug that displays, in holographic form, the temperature of the beer within its confines, the beer’s alcohol content by volume (ABV), its International Bitterness Units (IBUs), your heart rate, blood pressure, family birthdays and bank account balance–along with the price you are paying for your selected brew. Sounds like Google Glass, huh? Where can you purchase such a beer mug? Wrong question. You should be asking when you will be able to purchase it. It doesn’t exist–at least not at the time this article is published. But I am sure somewhere, somebody is working on developing such …

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