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Jacksonville International Airport, JAI, 1st Quarter 2017 Show - Cindy Wilson - Batik

Exacting Nature at the Jacksonville International Airport

You checked your luggage and printed the boarding passes. The liquids in your purse are less than three fluid ounces, and your carry-on is the perfect size for the overhead bin. To top it all off, you even wore your TSA-approved socks, the ones covered in a pizza pattern that make the officer with the scanning wand smile every time. But any knowledgeable traveler should add one more thing to this list—leave time to enjoy the abundance of art on display at the . For over 20 years, the has provided travelers with rotating art exhibitions throughout the airport. The …

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A Visit to Mixon Studios

likes to bring together disparate and incongruous objects and see what beautiful accidents emerge. In his studio, you’ll find bronze breasts, a scale model of the Sears Tower, chicken wire, and old glass. He loves to pick his way through scrapyards. Edelson’s latest artwork may be his biggest yet. It juxtaposes a former industrial detergent plant, the infamously polluted , and fine art. He calls it . Mixon Studios takes its name from Mixon Town, which Google Maps calls this Industrial Gothic district north of and I-10, though the City of Jacksonville collectively calls several neighborhoods including Mixon Town, Honeymoon, …

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The Looking Lab – Spark Grant recipient

 celebrates the opening of the third of four  recipient exhibitions in the  on Wednesday, February 5th in conjunction with  2014. Spark Grant recipient ’s “” dual-window art installation is a collaborative effort between artists  and . It will be located at 107 East Bay Street, a Petra Management property that is currently for lease. Here, David Montgomery and Crystal Floyd will give viewers will an opportunity to see an artistic rendering of beautiful insects in their ecological settings, through the use of sculpture and digital art. This first projection-based installation will be “active” at night – look for the butterflies. …

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