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“Sausage Party” The DO NOT BRING YOUR KIDS animated film

Release Date: August 12, 2016 Running Time: 1 hour and 28 minutes Rating: R Grade: B Directed by: Conrad Vernon & Greg Tiernan WOW! I didn’t think I could be shocked anymore watching a movie. Going into this movie, I already had an idea. After watching the Red Band trailer, also knowing and the crew behind the movie “This is the End” created this, I was expecting an over the top adult comedy with a Disney twist. It’s a movie with walking, talking food, condiments and everything else that humans see or hear. Mostly takes place at Shopwell’s, the supermarket where …

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MOVIE REVIEW: “The Interview”

Going to a movie on Christmas has become a tradition in America. This year, however, going to the movies on the 25th of December was more akin to seeing a fireworks display on 4th of July. Visiting theaters to watch “” was viewed by many as a show of patriotism and independence as well as an exercising of our rights as protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution. As anyone who hasn’t been under a rock for the last few weeks knows, the / comedy almost never hit the theater screens, or any other viewing medium for that matter. After it was revealed that a caricature of dictator  was to be ridiculed and targeted for assassination as …

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