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Sculptor Dolf James: A Love of Metal, Community & Public Art

 has worked hard these past years. Ever since imagination #2, he has diligently been a mentor to many young artists, a gatekeeper for dozens of artists at in Historic Riverside, and a working sculptor. His number 1 with an asterisk debuted at the inaugural One Spark event. He has continued to be a voice in the region regarding art and
Love Brigade, Jacksonville, FL, Kickstarter

Fashion Label Love Brigade Relaunches Through Local Love

Love Brigade, the positivity-centered clothing brand, is reclaiming their roots in owner ’s hometown for their remarkable Fall 2015 relaunch. Previously, gained notoriety in their mission to pioneer “Souldiers” in search of a brighter world, through the street-cool style of Brooklyn fashion. Now nine years later, Key is in hopes to relaunch

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