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            The made its North Florida debut February 27 to March 1 2015, at the in downtown Jacksonville. This brand new festival, which hopes to grow into an annual event, was the collaboration of Jacksonville playwright and the Ritz Theatre.             A full stage production of ’s Pulitzer Prize winning ground breaking play, “”, was an excellent choice to launch this new adventure in theatre. Wilder also won a Pulitzer for his “” (1942), and wrote the “” in 1954. The latter was to be transformed into one of the most popular musicals of all time, “”.             I attended …

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THEATRE REVIEW: “George Washington Slept Here”

Jacksonville’s Bolles School presented a three-performance run of the 1947 comedy “George Washington Slept Here,” on November 20, 21, 22, 2014 at the McGhee Auditorium on its Southside campus. This was our third trip to to review a play. We first discovered the directing talents of , Theatre Director at Bolles, in 2012, when she spent her summer vacation making her debut at , where she directed a modern adaptation of the comedy/farce “Is He Dead” by . One of Ripple’s favorite playwright teams is that of  and , who penned “” in 1940. We had previously seen “The Man …

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