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Combined Minds – The girls see a psychic 

  Carmen: Let me start by saying I was a bit skeptical of this. It is hard for me to put my blind faith into something I truly do not understand. Still, during my reading, there were just so many specificities mentioned that I had no other choice but to fully believe every single thing Ruth Elder told me.    Ambar: Let’s set the scene. I was severely hungover, and Carmen just got back from a weekend trip of over-spending and over-drinking. Nonetheless, we made our way over to the Portal, Midnight Sun’s dedicated space for psychics, tarot readings and …

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Combined Minds 

With Carmen Macri and Ambar Ramirez   The girls discuss last year’s word of the year and their predictions for this year’s   Carmen: It has come to our attention that Webster’s word of the year in 2022 was “gaslight.” Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that is pretty incredible. I mean that word hardly existed prior to 2022 (at least to us) and with how social media took it and ran with it, I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it does.    Ambar: And if you don’t know what gaslighting means, you’re probably …

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