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Collective Con- Home Of Heroes

PHOTOS BY: FRAN RUCHALSKI             The is an event overflowing with curiosity and talent. The word “Con” is an abbreviation for the word convention. However it could just as easily stand for the word constellation. Gathered in one building were stars, a galaxy of fans and a solar system of artists. The night before the convention, I attended “An Evening With Kevin Sorbo” held at Rain Dogs in 5 points. The setting of the Rain Dogs was made for dancing and candle lit conversations. In the theater area of the cage showed his dedicated fans “The Apple” one of his …

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Collective Con 2015

The Rash of Con – Collective Con Lands at Fairgrounds

Collective Con Brings Nationally Trending Nerd Culture to Jacksonville Nerd culture conventions are not just the fodder of late night talk show jokes anymore. The days of convention attendants being mocked for not having girlfriends is a thing of the past. In the last 5 years, the larger conventions, like San Diego’s famous , have grown so popular, you have to buy your tickets almost a year in advance or it’ll sellout before you even know what character you intend to go as.  in Atlanta has proven that this phenomenon isn’t exclusive to the west coast. Recently, Orlando’s  has even …

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