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Local High School Student, Colin Harden, Wins Coveted Spot at Springing the Blues Festival in Jacksonville Beach

Growing up, multi-instrumentalist Colin Harden showed an early aptitude for music. The 16 year old started by plinking around on his grandmother’s basement piano and evolved into a classically trained pianist before he was of legal age to drive. “She figured for my seventh birthday she’d get me my first piano lesson,” he says. “Since then, I’ve just been playing music my entire life.” Harden now counts–literally he has to pause to tally the number–the piano, guitar, mandolin, drums, bass and ukulele among the instruments he plays. The teen will showcase his guitar skills on the s stage as the …

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School of Rock The Musical at The Island Theater

Performances:  April 28th – May 6th, 2018 Directors:  Tricia Williams & Evan Bowen Who says that school can’t be fun?  Certainly not anyone who experiences the rockin’ good time delivered by the outstanding cast performing at this May.  The students of Horace Green are accustomed to rules, discipline, and the merit system.  Although all of these qualities are admirable, it takes a slacker with a passion for music to rock their worlds.  The production starts out with Dewey’s band ‘No Vacancy’ performing the song I’m Too Hot for You.  When the band members kick Dewey () out of his own …

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