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The Barge, Southank Riverwalk, Jacksonville FL


New Public Art and BARGE Event Series Will Help Activate Downtown Adding to the exciting wave of Downtown renewal, the new, improved Southbank Riverwalk opened today with an event at Friendship Fountain. Mayor , Council President , Councilmembers ,  and , and other city leaders announced new features and opportunities in celebration of the opening of this renovated  centerpiece. “This newly redesigned  will add even more momentum to our Downtown riverfront and serve as a destination for our residents and visitors,” said Mayor Brown. “This new 4,000-foot Riverwalk provides a unique experience for the public to enjoy our treasured St. …

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Arlington Would Gain New Investments as a Community Redevelopment Area Building on major new investments by Jacksonville University,  was joined today by City Council members and  President  to announce that the City’s  initiative will expand to the Arlington area.  Launched by Mayor Brown in November 2014, Renew Jax is designed to empower and revitalize key Jacksonville neighborhoods and corridors through public-private partnerships. “Arlington is a community that’s ready for a turnaround,” said Mayor Brown.  “It’s a neighborhood with a great past and I believe it can look forward to a great future.  By leveraging public and private investments, we will …

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MOCA Jacksonville leaders meet with Clay Yarborough

Jacksonville, Florida (Dec. 5, 2014) — At 3:15 p.m. Dec. 5, MOCA Jacksonville Board Chair  and Director and Chief Curator  met with City Council President , accompanied by his assistant, BeLinda Peeples. The conversation was amicable, and the dialogue was open and forthright. The  representatives reiterated information regarding the standards to which all Museum exhibitions are always held. MOCA representatives also explained why any compromise related to the current “” exhibition was not possible, as any such measures would, effectively, censor the exhibition. As such, the issue impacts not just MOCA, but the established rights of all artists, all cultural …

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When City Council president  walked into the MOCA on November 25th, what he saw shocked him so much that he felt compelled to email the mayor’s office to insist that “you immediately cause to be pulled all funding designated for MOCA for the current fiscal year or otherwise explain how this will be addressed within 24 hours.” What he’d seen was a reclining nude, a staple of art for centuries. But when he looked, he didn’t see art—he saw pornography. Put a naked lady on the news, and there will inevitably be a black bar across her nipples, even if …

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