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3 Summertime Happy Hour Paddles You Can’t Miss

BY SHANNON BLANKINSHIP, Outreach Director, St. Johns Riverkeeper There has been a lot of talk about activating our river lately. Lots of initiatives are spinning around to revitalize and energize the tremendous waterfront Jacksonville offers. The best way to understand, explore and experience the river, is to get on the water. Here are some ways you can escape into your own backyard this summer and enjoy what we have to offer. June 21: Pottsburg Creek Happy Hour Paddle 6pm, Beach Blvd. Boat Ramp – Pottsburg Creek flows underneath Beach Blvd in between All Wet Sports and the . The exposed Cypress knees …

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Florida Yacht Club

Home Sweet Ortega

Ortega: Historic & Beautiful    Once an island, now a spit of a peninsula protruding into the ’s western waters and threading into the Ortega and s, there is a neighborhood called . Its eastern part is known as and western as , split in the middle by Roosevelt Boulevard, or US17. Verona Boulevard splits Old Ortega, the eastern part known as the by the . Wealthy, as well as historic, the neighborhood was part of a . In 1763, Spain ceded Florida to England. Soon, the Jones Plantation was made residence for cattle by owner and Scotsman (also known …

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