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Cathedral Arts Project, The Art of Allowing: Tiffany Manning Teams Up with Daughter for New Exhibit

The Stories Within: Tiffany Manning Teams Up with Daughter for New Exhibit

“I’ve painted my whole life …. in my head. Four years ago, I decided I was tired of standing in my own way, I just wanted to paint; to make some marks and fall in love with them. From an inner joy perspective, these have been the best four years of my life.” – Jacksonville artist Tiffany Manning Tiffany Manning exudes an effervescent joy that is contagious. When viewing and experiencing her artwork, this sparkling energy she carries is evident in each color loaded brushstroke. She is joy, integrity, spontaneity, and freedom and these personality traits become ours as she …

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Alma Ramirez, Jacksonville Artist, Cathedral Art Project

By the Water: Alma Ramirez Shows in the Heather Moore Gallery in Downtown Jacksonville

“In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time.” -Leonardo Da Vinci There is so much to be said about the present moment . This moment right now is already changing and moving; and everything that moves in turn moves something else. Da Vinci made a poignant observation that is valid for all ages. Water, just like time, is always in motion. No moment will ever be the same as another. No water molecule will ever be in the same place that it already …

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Cathedral Arts Project, Healing Arts: Arts Influence on Mental Health

Healing Arts: How Cathedral Arts Project Uses Arts to Influence Mental Health

Co-written by Veronica Nabizadeh and Kimberly Hyatt I thought it pertinent to write about art as it relates to health as this month’s entire edition is devoted to highlighting the veritable performing arts schedule this season. I’m going to step out on a limb and proclaim that every health organization, school institution and any corporation for that matter should incorporate the healing arts into their offerings or benefits package. The evidence is conclusive: healing arts works. The mission is to enrich the quality of life in Northeast Florida through unleashing the creative spirit of young people. By providing access to instruction …

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Photo Credit: Toni Smailagic of Cre8Jax

10 Reasons to Support Arts and Culture in Jacksonville

Cultural organizations and artists are poised to assist the City as they address their social priorities, including: Public Safety, Economic Development, Neighborhood Development, Youth Engagement, and Health and Wellness. The work of cultural organizations and artists expand far beyond just our sector. We have to dismantle the misconception that arts and culture exist in a silo and instead provide examples of how art and culture are woven into the fabric of every day life. In 2017, the U.S. News and World Report noted, “Jacksonville is growing. The region witnessed an ignition of the arts and music scene, stimulating business development …

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Enrich their Break: Jacksonville’s 2018 Summer Camps for Kids

Arts and culture are for everyone, including our young ones. Often camps are their first glimpses into their future careers, hobbies, interests, and lifelong friendships. Here we highlight a selection of summer camps sure to enrich the long days.    PERFORMING ARTS CAMPS June 3–10 PRELUDE CHAMBER MUSIC CAMP From beginners to master musicians, different tracks of small ensembles (usually 3–4 in an ensemble) are organized based on instrument mix, skills, performance experience, maturity, and other important small-ensemble considerations. Whether you have a pre-formed ensemble or want to be placed, there’s always a spot for you. Complementary small ensembles are …

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Cathedral Arts Project, County Missives, Tony Rodrigues

Pre-Trial Expressionism: Sentenced To Art

Artist has been teaching art to juvenile inmates since the late 1990s. Lately, he’s noticed a major change in his classroom. He’s had a core group of the same eight students for the past several months. Consistency is scarce in a pre-trial detention facility, especially when teaching visual art. “To have the same group together through all the disciplinary actions, lockdown dorms, aging out of the program, resolved cases, transfers to different prisons—it’s very rare,” says Rodrigues. He’s taken advantage of this surge of steadiness by curating an exhibit that runs through the end of June at the University of …

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Spark Youth With The Arts

It starts with the tap of your foot to a sound you hear in your head, and then you realize it’s music. Like a soft ting of a bell or the graceful descent and deliberate resting place of a snowflake, it uplifts and intensifies the sense of sight and sound in all of its majestic forms. It’s Art, a gift bequeathed to be nurtured and chiseled into magnificence. Enter the (CAP, www.capkids.org): a visual arts and performance program that facilitates artistic creativity. Consisting of a single dance class and ten students at its inception in 1993, the Cathedral Arts Project …

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