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Marie Marfia’s Quirky Skeleton Art is Spookily Delightful

The First Coast is a Great Place to Spend Eternity “Skeletons…. We all have them. What I like about them is that they’re fearless. They do whatever they want because the worst thing that could happen to them has clearly already happened to them,” laughs Michigan artist , creator of the quirky “Greetings from St. Augustine” series. If you’ve spent time in the Ancient City, you’ve likely seen her work. It’s hard to forget. Marfia, a graphic designer of 30 years, started experimenting with pastels in 2011 when her family was living in Jacksonville. Some of her early pieces—landscapes, buildings, …

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King and queen of Spain to visit St. Augustine

According to the St. Augustine Record, and will visit mid-month “as part of the 450th Commemoration.” While details are still being hashed out, a royal visit has been part of the city’s plan for years, according to , director of the 450th Commemoration. In addition to Celebrate 450, Sept. 4-8, the U.S.–Spain Council International Summit will be held Sept. 18-20. The forum alternates between U.S. and Spain and brings together more than 200 council members. Felipe was crowned king last year after his father, formerly King Juan Carlos, abdicated the throne. In 2001, and visited St. Augustine. The king’s visit …

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The Real McCoy: Meehan’s Irish Pub and Eco Relics

is no plastic paddy. A stone’s throw from might seem an unlikely place to find a traditional Irish pub, but Ireland traces its St. Augustine diaspora back to 1595, with the arrival of , an adventurer and soldier who had helped establish the lost colony of Roanoke with Sir Walter Raleigh a decade earlier. In 1597, from Limerick arrived in St. Augustine on a Spanish ship to serve as parish priest. If Father Arthur and Darby Glavin were alive today, they’d be sipping Bushmills at Meehan’s with Reggie and David, a couple of Ireland’s more recent arrivals now employed at …

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Florida Yacht Club

Home Sweet Ortega

Ortega: Historic & Beautiful    Once an island, now a spit of a peninsula protruding into the ’s western waters and threading into the Ortega and s, there is a neighborhood called . Its eastern part is known as and western as , split in the middle by Roosevelt Boulevard, or US17. Verona Boulevard splits Old Ortega, the eastern part known as the by the . Wealthy, as well as historic, the neighborhood was part of a . In 1763, Spain ceded Florida to England. Soon, the Jones Plantation was made residence for cattle by owner and Scotsman (also known …

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