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Love Feast

Secret Pop-Up Food Fair to Benefit Better Together Fund in Response to Orlando Tragedy has a thing for secret locations. For the past few years, she’s hosted lavish dinner parties featuring notable chefs in exotic locations ranging from abandoned buildings to wildlife preserves to cemeteries under brand. Building off the success of these events, she’s formed , an event-planning company that focuses on creating unique culinary and cultural experiences. In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando, Cari has joined forces with local philanthropist to produce Love Feast, a fundraising event benefiting the Better Together Fund. “We were looking for …

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Crowdfunding Deliciousness: Young Local Chef Kickstarts Her New Cookbook

Jacksonville’s culinary scene is super hot right now, and the latest project from one of our city’s rising stars is helping to further our city’s recognition as a destination for great food. Local baker and celebrity-chef-in-the-making, Calli Webb (better known as ), recently launched an ambitious Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of her cookbook on coffee shop-inspired baking for the home cook. With just a few weeks left, the project is very near its goal and has attracted contributors from around the world including the UK, Germany, Australia and Singapore. The hardcover book will feature gorgeous photography and easy-to-follow …

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7 Burgeoning Trends of Jacksonville Dining

by JENNIFER EARNEST AND CHRISTOPHER IRVIN Just like in the world of fashion, food trends come and go. Some, like the shoulder pads of the 80s, have gratefully come and gone. When it comes to food, some trends go beyond being just “trendy.” These so-called trends actually develop and expand the fabric of our food scene into something better. The thing with trends is that they are all relative to whom you talk to– some people still dig shoulder pads, just as some people still believe vegans only eat salad.So, for the purpose of this article, we reached out to local …

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