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South Kitchen + Spirits, fried chicken bucket, Jacksonville, Florida, Avondale, Park Street, Brian Siebenschuh, photo by Nate Mayo, nomnomjax, natedoesfood

Who Else Wants South Kitchen + Spirits? Brian Siebenschuh’s New Restuarant in Avondale

South Kitchen + Spirits is a brand-new restaurant at 3638 Park St in , opened by . Brian was super influential in my entrance into the Jacksonville food scene. Two years ago when he was at he helped me plan my first food event. It was a fundraiser brunch for about 40 people, and we used most of the proceeds to host a multi-course dinner for my culinary school class at Orsay. (On a side note, that was the first time I tried popcorn ice cream, and I remember it like it was yesterday.) Brian didn’t go to culinary school. …

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Florida Yacht Club

Home Sweet Ortega

Ortega: Historic & Beautiful    Once an island, now a spit of a peninsula protruding into the ’s western waters and threading into the Ortega and s, there is a neighborhood called . Its eastern part is known as and western as , split in the middle by Roosevelt Boulevard, or US17. Verona Boulevard splits Old Ortega, the eastern part known as the by the . Wealthy, as well as historic, the neighborhood was part of a . In 1763, Spain ceded Florida to England. Soon, the Jones Plantation was made residence for cattle by owner and Scotsman (also known …

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Jax Neighborhoods From to , to , the  to the Southside, each one of Jacksonville’s over 500 neighborhoods has its own distinct character, history, and amenities. In the upcoming issues of , our team of writers and photographers will take you along on a journey of discovery, introducing you to stories, residents, and merchants in our myriad community pockets, as well as highlighting the many public facilities at our disposal. Did you know there are 27 parks in , or that the largest neighborhood land mass is in the Northside? Let’s learn what’s in our own backyards. You just might …

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