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Blues, Raags and Hollers, Solo Sets at the Coniferous Café by Arvid Smith

Review by Bill Ectric Musician delivered an evening of spellbinding guitar and singing at the Friday night in . Smith’s performance was somehow both rustic and state-of-the-art. He launches into a dazzling fingerpicking style on acoustic guitar, and at some point in the song, records a few bars of the rhythm on a tape-loop machine, then accompanies himself on lead guitar, incorporating everything from Clapton’s famous “crying lady” tone to rich psychedelic excursions. For example, Smith performed Roger McGuinn’s voodoo witch doctor song “Lover of the Bayou,” steering the guitar break through a scenic route of swamps, cabins, and lightning, …

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The Elbow and EU Jacksonville present Amplified – Volume #2

“The mixed tape is a list of quotations, a poetic form in fact; the cento is a poem made up of lines pulled from other poems. The new poet collects and remixes.” – Matias Viegener in Thurston Moore’s “Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture” Before embarking on the assembly of an anthology, the curator must consider the form and function of such a venture. What is it trying to say, and who is the audience? Will the music tell new stories to different people? The art of a good compilation isn’t revealed through genre, alphabetical or chronological arrangement. A …

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Expounding the Pavement with Heartbeat of the Bold City Founder Jessica Pounds

A little over 100 years ago, downtown Jacksonville was on fire. Now we use that teachable moment as an advertising campaign to implore residents of our geographically expansive community to venture downtown and breathe in the culture. has been instrumental (forgive the inevitable musician pun) in the application of physical presence, cooperative engagement, and creative solutions to proliferate participation in the arts for Jacksonville residents. Social media is crucial to manage and maintain interests in an environment where oversaturation barely laps the shores of our consciousness. Global concerns, work obligations, lunch; social media can be a calendar, promoter, oracle in …

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Canary In The Coalmine – album release “WHO FEARS THE DEVIL?”

Vibrant, Pensive, and Moody – This Canary Sings Event: Canary in the Coalmine Album Release Venue: Underbelly Date: March 27 at 8pm Contact: www.underbellylive.com Tickets: $5 When you ask Jacksonville songwriter how the band  came together, she laughs, “it’s kind of a funny story”. In 2009, Pounds was in Asheville, North Carolina, when she crossed paths with singer and songwriter . “We were both busking – playing on street corners and in public parks – and kept passing each other. Eventually we stopped to talk, and realized we had a lot in common”, says Pounds. The two women shared mutual …

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Envirofest at the Cummer

The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is continuing its journey to artfully connect people and the environment by hosting on Saturday, August 9th. Envirofest is a free, eco-focused, family festival dedicated to bringing the arts and environment together to inspire all ages to have fun, creative, and healthy lifestyles. Thanks to a generous sponsorship from the City of Jacksonville’s Environmental Protection Board, the Museum is able to offer the entire event free to the public, from 10am to 4pm. The day is packed full of exciting programing for both children and adults. The ,  and  are ready to help …

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