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Neighborhood Picasso

Words by Kelila Ritchie Chris Clark has been painting his way through the neighborhoods of Jacksonville, bringing the most vibrant colors to communities people often deem the opposite of aesthetically pleasing. Clark is not new to the art community and has spent many years perfecting his craft. A “jack of all trades” he calls himself. His ability to create in different mediums, sometimes at the same time is mindblowing. During Black History Month especially, it is important to highlight Black art and its impact. Clark’s artwork has brought people out of their homes and given them a new sense of …

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Louise Freshman Brown: An Artist’s Story Through a Studio

Words by Su Ertekin-Taner   Multimedia artist Louise Freshman Brown makes her art in the studio tacked onto her garage. She describes the studio’s location as a choice of convenience, an architectural choice also that would be brought to fruition by her architect sister: “My sister designed my house. She was the architect. I wanted to be able to get from my car to my studio easily,” Freshman Brown says.    Unlike the rest of her home, though, the studio isn’t meant to be a cuddly, comfortable space. Rather, Freshman Brown tells me “it’s like a kitchen.” By this she …

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