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Rightfully Mine! “WOMAN IN GOLD” movie review

Running Time: 1 hour and 49 minutes Rated PG-13 Directed By: The painting belongs to Mrs. Altmann’s family. When Maria Altmann’s sister passes away, she finds some letters in her sister’s belongings. The letters rekindle memories of the iconic painting of their Aunt Adele that was created by Gustav Klimt before the start of WWII. Maria requests that her life-long friend’s son, Randol Schoenberg, advise her on the restitution of art that was confiscated during the Nazi invasion. Randol, a lawyer, who recently moved back to Los Angeles after a failed solo practice effort advises Maria that the task of …

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Running Time: 1 hour and 42 minutes Rated PG-13 Directed By:  Starring:  as Master Gregory  as Mother Malkin  as Tom Ward  as Tom’s mother  as Alice Dean  as Radu  as Bony Lizzie  as Urag  as Sarikin  as Billy Bradley I’ve been searching for you Mr. Ward…you are the seventh son of the seventh son. Master John Gregory is a mystical warrior in the old English countryside. Many years before, he trapped a powerful witch in a pit deep in the ground of a mountain. When Master Gregory and his apprentice, Billy Bradley, are summoned to drive a demon from a …

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