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Loren & Mark Clayman, Hurricane Relief

#FloridaStrong in the #904: JAX HAS RELIEF HELPERS

JAX HAS RELIEF HELPERS As Jacksonville struggles to right itself after a dust-up with Hurricane Irma, the Third Coast and the island of Puerto Rico are still face down in the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Maria. The devastating storms downed trees and power lines, peeled back roofs like tin cans and washed away lifetimes of memories in the polluted flood waters. Residents emerged shaken, with nothing left to do but wait for help to arrive. Volunteers throughout the First Coast city quickly mobilized, organizing donation sites and preparing to transport much-needed supplies into the storm-ravaged regions. Our mayor has …

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Military Support Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Military Veterans Coalition The Jacksonville Military Veterans Coalition (JMVC) is committed to honoring military veterans and currently serving members of the National Guard and Reserve by facilitating career, business, and education opportunities in Jacksonville. Central to the JMVC vision is the recognition that many of the skills veterans developed in the military–leadership, fast and accurate decision making, operational focus, and the drive to accomplish a mission–have a direct application to Jacksonville businesses. The JMVC works with military organizations, veterans’ groups, industry associations, governmental entities, and Jacksonville businesses to build awareness and understanding of how these skills and cultural attributes …

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