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A Swamp Radio Christmas

  Christmas is a time where tradition seems to permeate every activity, and each family has their own distinctive bent. These traditions have a way of connecting communally, even to the point where they eventually become representative of a region. , the creator of  puts a more folksy twist on it: “Ask anyone ‘So what are ya’ll doin’ for the Holidays,‘ and they will answer, ‘Oh, we do the same thing every year.’” The show was conceived as a way to deliver a live radio show experience that celebrates the culture, art, and history of Northeast Florida by employing storytelling, …

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Swamp Radio: When Christmas Came Too Early

    By Dorothy Fletcher, Performed by Harolyn Sharpe in  show I don’t suppose I am alone in this, but I must have spent countless hours listening to the advice my Mama offered me—things like wearing clean, non-raggedy underclothes, just in case I was ever in an accident or eating my vegetables so I wouldn’t get rickets or scurvy. But the one piece of advice that seemed the most important to my Mama was that one should never ever begin celebrating Christmas until after the Thanksgiving dishes were washed and put back into the cupboards. Because of the way she …

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