What Are Your Favorite Charities?


What are the locally based charities and nonprofits where you like to donate your time or money and why?

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The Bridge of Northeast Florida is an excellent charity to donate your time and money. They have a great staff that treat you like family, the kids are amazing and they are very transparent about where all donations and funding go. Monday, November 11, 2013|Report this


I recently have been hearing about a non-profit called KAMI KIDS, it's seems that they formed the organization in my hometown Jacksonville, Fl. I did some footwork and spoke with one of the Directors and it seems as though they genuinely care about the kids in the community. They will be host an event at Jacksonville Beach that I plan to check as well. Wednesday, November 13, 2013|Report this


The Ponte Vedra Woman's Club. Great ladies that raise funds for local charities and scholarships.

www.pontevedrawomansclub.com for more info.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013|Report this


Take It To Heart™ ~ An Alert To Women About Heart Disease™ Is saving the lives of Jacksonville women by a grass roots approach to inform that heart disease is the #1 killer of women. Women learn about heart risk factors and ways to reduce the risk of heart disease. It also holds health fairs throughout the year so that free of charge, women can have their risk factors screened and interpreted by cardiologists and other licensed health care providers. This 501(c) (3) is a local nonprofit which, for the past 9 years, has been under the radar despite having screened over 17,000 women. 2013 has been a break out year where months of redesign and repurposing came together on January 1st with a website and proprietary programming. Take It To Heart™ has registered about 3,000 women for The Challenge™ just within the last 10 months. Founded by a local, 2nd generation cardiologist, Take It To Heart™ Is the only local nonprofit that isn't fee based (like the hospitals) and keeps fundraising proceeds in town for the benefit of local women (unlike national organizations with a 'local' chapter that sends donations away. ) Take It To Heart™ also has fun volunteer opportunities. There's an old saying about how when "Mama's happy, the whole family is happy". This organization works hard to keep mama alive and able to live to her fullest. Wednesday, November 27, 2013|Report this


www.takeittoheartnow.org. Also, like on Facebook! Wednesday, November 27, 2013|Report this


My favorite is Pit Sisters rescue. One reason is that they really are fighting for the underdog. It is a breed that is misunderstood, abused, and sensationalized in the press. It is definitely an uphill battle to change perceptions. Also, the sisters that created the organization put their money, and hearts, where their mouths are. They truly love the dogs that come through the rescue, and try and give them every opportunity to succeed and live happy, normal lives as part of a good family. They can be found on facebook or at www.pitsisters.org. Sunday, December 29, 2013|Report this


I devote considerable time and money to the Senior Life Foundation. It is an all-volunteer nonprofit that mans an emergency help line (904-268-9128) to assist the poorest of Duval County’s poor seniors with urgent needs. Our clients live in their own homes and apartments but have less than $1,000 in income per month. We pay bills for rent to prevent eviction, arrange for professional services to clean homes to prevent eviction, purchase prescriptions so seniors don’t have to choose between food and medication, pay utility bills to prevent shutoff, help seniors to get prescription eye glasses and dentures, replace old unsafe appliances to conserve energy and reduce utility bills, purchase tanks of propane for heating, and much more. Ninety-eight (98) percent of SLF’s income is paid out in direct assistance to seniors. Since it became operational in 2002, SLF has assisted more than 1,500 seniors and paid out over $500,000. SLF takes no government funding; it is supported by corporate, foundation and individual donations. The mission of the Senior Life Foundation is to help meet the urgent needs of low-income seniors in Duval County with a rapid response time and to help them live independently and with dignity. Donations are welcome on WeGive.org or to the Senior Life Foundation, P.O. Box 57443, Jacksonville, FL 32241. For more information, please visit us on Facebook or at www.seniorlifejax.com. Thursday, January 2, 2014|Report this


Beaches Boys & Girls Club is an excellent Youth Guidance agency providing a wide variety of programs to children and young people. With a new Director, Deborah Ward, they have had a complete makeover of facilities and expanded programs for kids. A very affordable diverse program is so successful that there is now a waiting list. New investors in our greatest resource, our children, are encouraged to donate time and resources to reach even more children. Please consider this great organization when making charitable contributions. Thank you. Wednesday, January 22, 2014|Report this


The US Green Building Council North Florida is a 501(c)(3) local non-profit. The vision of the organization is to create a sustainable region and green buildings for all within THIS generation (by the year 2040. It is an important mission as buildings touch everyone. The people involved are a great group to volunteer with. We can always use help. Fore more information, visit www.usgbcnf.org.

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Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS) upholds a very special mission of ‘Embracing Children. Inspiring Lives.”

Established in Jacksonville, in 1902, CHS has built an outstanding reputation as a statewide leader in child advocacy.

CHS provides life changing services and care to the most fragile children and families in our community. Learn more about the Impact, the organization and how you can help http://chsfl.org/impact

Monday, February 17, 2014|Report this


Dreams Come True of Jacksonville...30 years of granting dreams for children right here in our own community. Disney trips, cruises, shopping, and so much more.

Love that 100% of our donations go toward a child's dream - nowhere else - unless I as a donor designate it differently. It is amazing how many children they help in a year...3,000 since 1984. All LOCAL children, and the money stays in our community.

www.dreamscometrue.org. Sunday, March 16, 2014|Report this



April is Autism Awareness Month as 1 in 50 children are diagnosed with Autism. Jacksonville School for Autism is an amazing charity providing hope and support to families who need intensive educational intervention for their children.

I relocated my family from across the state specifically so my child could attend this school. Jacksonville School for Autism is dedicated to serving the educational needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This not-for-profit school was started by Michelle Dunham, a mother on a mission to give her child the best quality education, and she has achieved her mission for many children. The teachers and curriculum are focused on each individual child, and the low teacher-student ratio makes it possible for each child to truly have an individualized education plan. The Master's and PHD levels of supervision of each child's individualized therapeutic programs are unique to this type of school setting. As a professional educator that has worked in various settings from public to private schools, and as a supervisor for college student teacher interns specializing in Exceptional Student Education, the fact that I relocated to give my son the opportunity to be a part of this program, says it all. It has been the best decision I ever made!!

This charity is impacting the lives of children and families living with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Sunday, March 23, 2014|Report this


All I Know Incorporated

All I Know, Incorporated is a non-profit organization committed to providing valuable, insightful, purpose-focused life skills to children and families. Our organization is the bridge that brings communities and services together to meet the needs of low income and underprivileged men, women and children. By bridging those ever widening gaps we increase the consumer base of local, state and federally funded programs while conveying consciousness of such programs to families and individuals in need. Saturday, April 19, 2014|Report this