THE MAIL: Protect Florida Small Businesses from COVID-19 Litigation


Whether you realize it or not, small businesses are what define a community. They tie us to our neighbors, put money into the economy, and create jobs. It’s a shame that there are people in our great, sunny state that let their own greed lead them to destroy our small business communities.

Since late February, trial lawyers across the state have been finding ways to turn the coronavirus into a plethora of lawsuits – many of which are targeting small businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re the hardest working, rule-following small business owner in the state. If there’s a loophole or an opportunity to file a frivolous lawsuit, they’ll do it.

I fear that given the state of the economy and all the devastation we’ve seen that our small businesses will not survive a wave of COVID-19 lawsuits. Over 90 percent agree with me that now is not the time to sue. That’s why I’m writing today to urge our lawmakers to put proper protections in place to avoid this impending catastrophe. It’s what’s best for the economy, our community and our people.

Raymond Johnson Sr.

Former U.S. Army retired, Owner and operator Raymond’s Auto Transport

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