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The Democrats Need NEW Leadership

Enough with the fake resistance, already


There is an epidemic of insanity permeating the leadership of the Democratic National Committee. Despite mounting losses, they continue to actively alienate and antagonize the very group of voters that they need to win. This increasingly profound incompetence and lack of ethical standards makes them unworthy to lead the party.

Instead of championing progressive causes heavily favored by the increasingly dominant Millennial generation, they've rebranded themselves as an anti-Trump "Resistance." Are Millennials buying it? Do a search for the Twitter hashtag #McResistance. That's what they've been calling it on social media. It's a mocking reference to what this generation sees as a cynical and amusingly obtuse marketing campaign clumsily disguised as a resistance movement by a political establishment that doesn't have a clue.

Despite the fact that the Millennials are coming of voting age and have now surpassed the Baby Boomers as the largest generation, the Democrats still refuse to listen to this burgeoning demographic. Millennials tend to be way more progressive, more inquisitive, and much more hostile toward Neoliberalism and the establishment that clings to it. They're also far less likely to be influenced by marketing.

So what have the Democrats done to earn the Millennial vote? Not a damn thing. Instead, they continue relying on outdated fear tactics and obnoxious marketing techniques, refusing to budge on issues like free college tuition and reforming Wall Street. They also had to be dragged kicking and screaming on gay marriage, raising the minimum wage, and now Medicare-for-all. These are the Democrats we're talking about.

In spite of the Democrats reporting a whopping $3.3 million of debt in June, the failed decision-makers who caused it are still sitting comfortably at the top. Florida Democrats like Congresswoman Val Demings and Senator Bill Nelson must be put on notice that their constituents will no longer vote for anyone who refuses to stand up to the corrupt party establishment and reject their big-money influence.

The fundraising emails that the Democrats and their allies have been spamming people with have not helped their cause, either. In just this past year, for example, I have received nearly a dozen emails from them with the subject line "Kiss all hope goodbye." Yes, really. These emails are remarkably tone-deaf and unprofessional to the point of childishness.

Here are a few highlights from actual emails I've received from them:

"We're begging you. Can you pitch in $1 before tomorrow's End of Month Deadline?"

"This is the most terrifying update we've ever sent you."

"Please - we're begging."

"This is an emergency."

"They're watching you."

"Listen, we're BEGGING."


"OH. MY. GOD. Republicans are PANICKING."

Is it any wonder people aren't giving them money? I receive several of these annoying emails each and every day from the DCCC, alone. As for why these emails all read like they were written by a 14-year-old girl, I have no idea. Perhaps they think this is how you talk to Millennials. The thought of simply treating them with respect and giving them an equal voice in the party has yet to occur to them, evidently.

Let me offer the Democrats some advice: Stop begging! What you're doing isn't fundraising. It's panhandling. And when it's being done by people who are already obscenely wealthy, well, that's what I meant when I said they're tone-deaf.

As young people struggle with the burden of record student debt and a rapidly collapsing middle class, former interim DNC Chair and current party luminary Donna Brazile tweeted that the "Communists are now dictating the terms of the debate." Brazile, who was previously fired from CNN after leaking debate questions to the Clinton campaign and then lying about it, is a shining example of how out-of-touch the Democratic Party has become.

I can't help but wonder how many more Republican presidents we'll have to endure before the Democrats finally wake up and clean house. Their so-called "leaders" who are driving the party into the ground need to be tossed aside like the dusty old baggage they have become.

It's time to start listening. It's time for a change.


Craig is a self-syndicated columnist and software engineer in Seattle.

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