Stay in and Stay LAZY, My Friends

You don't have to leave the house to show your holiday spirit


Premiere of Bloodline Season 3
Ever felt like your family is the only dysfunctional one around? Like maybe no one understands how hard it is to get along with your mom or how your brother only thinks of himself? Do not feel so all alone. The Netflix original series Bloodline features all sorts of family problems and, for comic relief, a lot of action and drama. The series' third season premieres this Friday and starts off right where it left off on the jaw-dropping finale of season two. If you want to stay in and binge a TV show this long weekend, this should top the must-watch list. The storyline is enthralling and you'll keep wondering what will happen next.

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Curl Up with a War Story
If you want to honor our Armed Forces, but hate interacting with actual people or spending time out of your comfortable bed, don't fret-there's still an option for you. For you homebodies, an alternative to watching Netflix is ... going to the public library! And picking up a book about the U.S. military! Tim O'Brien has written several novels about the Vietnam Conflict, such as Going After Cacciato and The Things We Carry, told in a compelling yet casual voice. If you need something lighthearted without the gory details, find Fobbit by David Abrams, a comedy that focuses on a troop stationed in what used to be a castle owned by Saddam Hussein. Laughs all weekend!

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