Should the Jacksonville City Council reintroduce an amendment to the human rights ordinance?


The Jacksonville City Council did not pass the amendment to the human rights ordinance to extend anti-discrimination to gays and lesbians. Should they reintroduce the amendment? What do you think? Let us know, and we'll publish the most thoughtful responses.

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They should so the council can fail to pass it again and embarrass the city again. Saturday, February 2, 2013|Report this


Absolutely. EQUALity should be across the board- not one group, race, religion, gender or sexual preference, etc. It is about time for this city embrace and welcome change. If we ever want to move forward as a community, we need to create an environment that fosters growth in individuals, families and business. The citizens of Jacksonville and America deserve the same rights and protections. Bottom line! Thursday, February 7, 2013|Report this


Yes, at some point it should, but the question is "when?" Monday, February 11, 2013|Report this


This community needs this bill to come together at one. Our current city council would not even pass a watered down crappy bill that threw the trans and gender community under the bus. The City of Jacksonville needs to understand Equality is not just your Equality its every ones Equality. Tuesday, February 12, 2013|Report this


The City of Jacksonville is a great city made up of many diverse individuals. In order for our city to continue to grow and prosper, we must continue to make ALL individuals feel protected and embraced. By passing such an ordinance the city takes a giant leap forward for equality and let's all citizens know they are cared about and protected to the best of our city/county governments ability. Failure to enact such legislation will only reflect poorly on the elected officials and result in more lost jobs, lost tax revenue, and less cultural expansion of this great city. The City Council Members can NOT allow the 15% of this cities population to hold us back in the style of hatred experienced in Jacksonville during the 60's. One would hope and pray that our Mayor would step-up, take ownership, and champion such legislation for a class of individuals that are under served and NOT protected in our city. We must continue to champion the cause of EQUALITY for all citizens of Jacksonville. Wednesday, February 13, 2013|Report this


The original bill 2012-296 was an all inclusive bill protecting the rights of the LGBTQ, the amendment to that bill did not include gender identity or gender expression. Should the city reintroduce an amendment? Before anyone should agree to this amendment, we would need to see if it is an all inclusive amendment. It is very difficult at this stage to know how to answer this question without clarification. The amendment of bill 296 meant that heterosexuals could encounter discrimination if they were gender non conforming, such as men with effeminate characteristics or expressions, women with male temperaments or whom might dress in suits or have male characteristics. The politics of gender expression are mainstream and have changed - even - among heterosexuals. The dress reform movement no longer is gender specific and ceremonial dress might traditionally continue to be a practice at weddings and other traditional celebrations, but even these are morphing into a style unique to the individual. Jacksonville residents must understand that when presumptions are made of another human being, that individual may very well not be a lesbian simply because she wears a suit or tie with her high heels anymore than the same can be said of the business man wearing a pink tie. Jacksonville doesn't even have communities representative of all cultures. We cannot afford to not include protections for the LGBTQ. If this is an amendment to reintroduce the bill, then we need to know if this is the all inclusive bill or are we back to the previous amendment?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013|Report this


As a member of the LGBT community, I firmly believe that the last time it came up we got stabbed in the back by some political manuvering in the background. I also know that there were a lot of straight folks in our community who thought the vote would be 'a no-brainer' and did not get personally involved as they should. There will be a lot of them who will bring their voices to the table this time, so YES, I believe we should bring it up every new session of the city council, until they finally decide to join the 21st century and follow the rest of this country in treating us as equal citizens! Thursday, February 14, 2013|Report this


If something isn't done right the first time, you should try and try again! Monday, March 11, 2013|Report this


They should reintroduce it only if they quit throwing transpeople under the bus and protect gender identity/gender expression. I will not back them until they do. It either all of us or none. Thursday, June 27, 2013|Report this


I am truely sorry and pardon my ignorance, Is there a question here? Human Rights, Equality is that something that we have to still fight for in 2013? Jacksonville get with the program. Equal rights for all. This means that even the narrow minded and ignorant have rights I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a vital part of my community, should my rights look any different than yours? Thursday, June 27, 2013|Report this


Should we have to ask this question? Our forefathers set sail for America because of oppression. Taxation without representation. Does the LGBT citizens pay taxes? Should they be denied rights because their pursuit of happiness does not conform to the norm? Monday, December 1, 2014|Report this