These winners’ mistakes made them sitting ducks


In honor of the big birds being sliced up in Thanksgiving celebrations across the country, Folio Weekly presents the 2013 Turkeys of the Year. The winners of this dubious distinction made some boneheaded blunders, some more egregious than others. But all of them deserve a little roasting.

Public Defender Matt Shirk

Irregular hiring, texting and firing

Nathan Bedford Forrest High School Name Supporters

They're fighting a losing battle

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown

Big holes in his budget and pension deal

Clay County Superintendent Charlie Van Zant Jr.

His bad communication skills are ruffling feathers

Tim Tebow Fans

They don't know when to release the ball

Florida Rep. Janet Adkins

She tried to keep teacher evaluation data private

Jacksonville Hands On Children’s Museum

They have a limited view of 'family'

State Attorney Angela Corey

She's keeps some media in the dark

U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho

He jumped on the birther wagon

Mathews Bridge Rammers

Their dangerous actions inconvenienced thousands

Mark Brunell

This Jaguars ambassador waved the British flag

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