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I have PTSD, I am totally disable. My condition is the result of sexual trauma. I spent 20 years in the military with a flawless military record. I was arrested in the Duval County Courthouse by a detective from the State's Attorneys Office, I was charged with extortion, the charge stemmed from an e-mail that I sent about 10 months earlier. My crime was the individual I sent the e-mail to, a former employer, is one of the most wealthy and powerful men in Jacksonville. I was fired and not given the opportunity to gather my personal belongings, or given the opportunity to defend myself against false accusations. I sent many e-mails to my former employer asking that I be allowed to return to my place of employment to collect my belongings. My requests were met with threats of being arrested, the replies to my requests were never answered by my former employer, but by his army of attorneys. The judge appointed in my discrimination charge issued a order forbidding me to make any contact with my former employer, or any member of his family. The order was issued based on a complaint filed by the wife of my former employer, which she states under oath, that she had no knowledge of. I have appeared in court 18 times defending myself. The best plea deal that my attorney has been able to negotiate with the States Attorney's Office is 5 years probation, with the possibility of a felony on my record. This fiasco has caused me countless hours of lost sleep, numerous panic attacks, and emotional damage that I will most probably never recover from. I am emotionally and physically exhausted. I have spent thousands of dollars defending myself. I need the citizens of Jacksonville to see just one example of how their tax dollars are being used.

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