HILARIOUS Hurricane Irma Memes

...Cause you could really use a laugh right now


Right now you're probably making plans to hunker down for serious as our state stares down the barrel at the monstrous Hurricane Irma that is poised to slam into our neighbors to the south. (We're all thinking of you, South Florida--but we know that, as Floridians, you are hard AF.)

To take your minds off the largest storm to ever come out of the Atlantic Ocean, here are some of the sharpest, funniest, most on point memes and such about Hurricane Irma we found floating around the internet.


Now THAT is a graphic we understand. FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!! Peyton Manning's forehead is coming!!

Bye, Felicia.

We vote: USA! USA! USA!

Hey, it can't hurt, right? Right?!

Take Berkman II, but for the love of god, don't lay a finger on the Laura Street Trio. We've got big plans for the trio, big, huge, plans...

Them Key people are nuts, y'all. You gotta batter and fry them suckers up before you make a burrito!

Srsly, dude. If those Silver Springs monkeys show up, we're so outta here.

Welp, as long as we're hunkering, may as well enjoy it. Not like we'll have power until October, anyway.

Next time, don't get high BEFORE you evacuate. Wait until you get to grandma's and ask the old biddy for a sample of the edibles she's been getting down at Trulieve!

For real, though, stay safe, be smart and watch out for each other.

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