Edible Happy Hour


The last day of August was the first day of the work week, and my last piece of business was precipitated by an early-evening text from an old pal--let’s call her “Hilly Brandt” (no relation to Willy, as far as I know). The lady made contact, fresh back from the lovely Pacific Northwest She’d been working proximate to the northern border and proximal to the political chaos roling there, for similar reasons as they’re roiling everywhere else. She wanted to show me some of the photos she’d shot, and she had some gifts for me, which was lovely. I love free stuff, especially when I can write about it.

The fridge door opened, then she reached in and handed me a couple of boxes from the Green Revolution company, based in Paulsbo, WA, a place that I’d never heard of before, but will certainly take note of in the future. Washington state has been one of the big four leading the country’s cannabis industry. The other three--California, Colorado and Oregon--got close to saturation point with their states’ markets pretty quick. 

Edibles draw an increasing share of the revenues for cannabis products, and for good reason. The range of choices is nearly-infinite, and growing every day. It’s so easy to make the basic components of an edible (infusing your own creams, sugar solutions and assorted butters) that the home cook can experiment, inexpensively. There’s already been some low-key edible action in Northeast Florida, but there should be much more, soon.

Each box contained a sampling of the “Doozies” brand of edibles. An eight-gram gummy has eight calories and a blend of CBD and THC from full-flower cannabis extract. The Juicy Peach flavor contains 1mg of THC and a whopping 40 mg of CBD; the marionberry flavor has 2mg of CBD and 10mg of THC. As such, the former is probably best for medicinal purposes, while the latter will help you, as the packaging says, “chill”. (There’s also a Sour Cherry flavor, of similar makeup as the marionberry.)

She also gave me a bottle of tincture, which is a word I never had reason to use until now. The stuff is white, like milk thistle, dispensed via dropper, each of which contains 5mg of THC. Compared to the gummies, the variety of tinctures is massive: ten different bottles of water tincture, and five more of tincture made with avocado oil. They also have two kinds of cooking oil and seven types of sublingual spray, which can be put on food or pulse-points.

You can’t buy this particular stuff unless you’re on the ground in Oregon or Washington state, but that’s okay. Recent changes to Florida law mean that consumers should be suffused with selections in time for the holidays. It’s been noted previously that our failure to get the full legalization of cannabis on the November ballot was a debacle of rare vintage, one whose final tab could run into the high eight figures, maybe low nine. Allowing for more edibles will go a good way toward offsetting some of the millions left on the table.

Taken separately, each item worked great. Taken together, they worked even better, but don’t do that. I also put a couple drops of the water tincture into a half-grass of my new favorite energy drink, the infamous Bang Energy. 

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