Don't Let The Dollars Fool You

Posted by hazelclery

We must not be charmed by money being translated into power when voting for our next mayor. I’m shocked by hearing comments that Lenny Curry is a frontrunner simply because of the vast amount of financial support he is getting. Ordinary citizens of Jacksonville don’t have reams of money to throw at their favorite candidate. Curry’s money is coming from big business and those who want him to win because he is a staunch republican. Bill Bishop, on the other hand, is running on limited funds but his primary mission is to improve Jacksonville. My admiration goes out to this long time Jacksonville resident who has a grasp on what our city really needs. Bishop has been a city councilman and knows how this city works and where we need to be in the future. Let’s not be blindsided by TV commercials, which have been cleverly created by an advertising agency. Because someone can pay to be “in your face” doesn’t make him the best person to run our city. If people are fooled by this and don’t want to dig into the facts about each candidate we’ll end up with another figurehead making decisions to bolster his own popularity. Bill Bishop knows how this city works. He has great ideas to help us grow. He is not afraid to speak up about important issues. He isn’t bowing and scraping to an image he wants to project. You won’t see Bishop plastered on your TV screen too much - unless you watch him working hard at City Council meetings. Do your own research and don’t have it spoon-fed to you by artificial moneymen. You have a well-educated, forward thinking candidate in Bill Bishop. He has better things to do than swamp you with TV ads.

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The present mayor was bought and paid for by Peter Rummell, Mayor Brown was not the front runner until Mr Rummell contributed 1 million dollars to his campaign fund. Mr Rummell is a developer with a vested interest in the downtown area. I doubt that anyone makes large political contributions with no personal agenda. Friday, January 2, 2015|Report this


It only matters if it is not for their benefit. She's clearly made that obvious. It's quite sad that we have to read such garbage all because of personal vendettas against people they've never even met. If anyone is acting partial it's the same few people who made the mistake of thinking they HAD all the power to do, act, say and defy whom ever they please. Saturday, October 1, 2016|Report this