Do you think the pension deal is good for Jacksonville?

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Since I started reading about this in the TU, all I could say is this is why people think Jax is a backwater town. The deals that are made behind the scenes, from locating the town center on land belonging to old money, to the backroom nature of this sloppy mess is a joke. That ANYONE would have agreed to any part of the original deal and not gone to jail over it amazes me. That people aren't going to jail over this massive fraud on the people now is incredible. I think the entire pension program should be declared null and void because of lack of oversight. Or whomever did provide oversight was such an obviously inept clown that they should pay back every penny of their salary for lack of fiduciary duty.

No one (and by that I mean) NO ONE should be profiting off the system to the degree these folks have. No one should be entitled to more in retirement from a pension than they earned while FT, short of getting an increase with cost of living adjustments.

The whole thing stinks of typical small minded, small town, Boss Hogg politics. Typical Jacksonville. Thursday, December 18, 2014|Report this