A bill, that our state legislators are considering, might harm vulnerable girls

Posted by SusaninFlorida

Senator Bean is on the committee that is hearing SB 404 on November 12th. Senator Bean consistently votes to reduce access to medical care for women. Reproductive health including abortion is a form of medical care for women/girls of child bearing age.

Please ask Senator Bean to vote no on SB 404 on November 12th. Notification, which is already the law, is more than enough. The bill isn't needed and could be harmful to vulnerable girls.

If Senator Bean refuses to vote NO on SB 404, then please ask him to at least vote yes on these amendments to SB 404:

*771420 -change the age of the female of child bearing age to which this bill applies from "under 18" to "under 16"

*395188 -allows for waivers for medical emergency, per the doctor's judgement

*302010 -seeks to preserve privacy of the minor

*894624 -allows more flexibility in choosing the court where a waiver can be requested

*146866 -acknowledges that the court must act with haste because this medical procedure gets riskier when postponed

*416354 Clarifies the definition of: "by clear and convincing evidence, the minor is sufficiently mature..."

*139926 or 745328 Adds the wording "medically accurate"

*615276 and 527270 and 941164 Yes to all three--explains the training for the court's staff and the waiver process

*884430 Funds the cost of this bill so assistance will be available to vulnerable girls if SB 404 should pass

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