As part of the 2015 One Spark festival, EU Jacksonville is partnering with Underbelly as the official venue for the Music Creator Showcase. This year there will be two $15,000 prize awards determined through crowd voting and a juried panel of music industry professionals. Underbelly provides the whole package when it comes to live entertainment: a great stage, great sound, lights and not to forget, a full bar! Each performance will be 40 minutes in length, except the headliners which will start around midnight and end at 2am.


  • Tuesday, April 7
  • Wednesday, April 8
  • Thursday, April 9
  • Friday, April 10
  • Saturday, April 11

8:00 Summer Goodman
9:00 Jesse Carole Montoya
10:00  The Good Boys
11:00 G.R.I.T.

4:00 Joseph Catalano
5:00 Savannah Shares
6:00 Fjord Explorer
7:00 Herd Of Watts
8:00 Standup
9:00 Hues of Blue
10:00 Speaking Cursive
11:00  The Good Boys
12:00 JAHMEN 

4:00 Shane Myers Music
5:00 Christian Thue
6:00 Jordyn Stoddard
7:00 Jesse Carole Montoya
8:00  Hues of Blue
9:00 After Midnight
10:00  The Good Boys
11:00  Stranger Wolf
12:00 The Firewater Tent Revival

4:00 Brenna Erickson
5:00  Fjord Explorer
6:00 Standup
7:00 Kiwi Kiwi
8:00 Civil Brute
9:00  Flatland
10:00 wise river
11:00 Fort Stories
12:00 Sunspots

4:00  Jordyn Stoddard
5:00  Christian Thue
6:00 Mere Woodard
7:00 Standup
8:00  Jesse Carole Montoya
9:00 Marathon Runner
10:00  The Firewater Tent Revival
11:00  Conrad Oberg
12:00  Herd Of Watts

  • FREE PARKING – Centuries of History in Ortega’s Parks

      The is known for its giant oak trees, waterfront views, and historic homes. Nestled between the St. Johns and Ortega rivers, the area was designated as a US historic district in 2004. The peninsula is a mostly residential area with abundant green spaces and a wealth of parks. On any given weekend, you can see Ortega residents and tourists riding bikes, tossing a frisbee, walking their dogs, or playing flag football in one of these green spaces: 4021 Ortega …

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  • FLAT LAND – #22386 One Spark Music Creator

    FLAT LAND – #22386 PLAYING @ EU’s ONE SPARK MUSIC CREATORS SHOWCASE at UNDERBELLY – Friday April 10 – 9:00 p.m. is a cosmic funk-rock quartet based in Gainesville. The band has played in festivals and shows across the southeast for the past three years, but the project they are working on is just as near to our hearts. Without exposure to music through school band and orchestra programs, they would never have had the opportunity to do what they love …

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  • WISE RIVER – #22222 One Spark Music Creator

    WISE RIVER – #22222 PLAYING @ EU’s MUSIC CREATORS SHOWCASE at UNDERBELLY – Friday April 10 – 10:00 p.m. is a 3-piece dream pop/synth pop band from Jacksonville, fronted by brother and sister duo and . They focus on combining digital and analog instruments, effects, noise, and samples to create a sound that is all at once dreamy, experimental, and catchy. By using traditional instruments mixed with samples, electronic instruments, and noise they create music that is unique and distinctive. The …

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  • THE GOOD BOYS – #22076 One Spark Music Creator

    THE GOOD BOYS – #22076 PLAYING @ EU’s  at UNDERBELLY – Tuesday April 8 – 10:00 p.m.. Wednesday April 9 – 11:00 p.m. and Thursday April 10 – 10:00 p.m. are a four-piece rock group from Jacksonville. Citing Pavement, Strokes, and early Weezer as influences, they play a guitar-driven style of music that focuses on catchy melodies and memorable guitar hooks. Formed in 2014 and having recently finished recording their debut EP Gojira, they are eager to make their mark on …

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  • STRANGERWOLF – #22222 One Spark Music Creator

    STRANGERWOLF – #22222 PLAYING @ EU’s MUSIC CREATORS SHOWCASE at UNDERBELLY – Thursday April 9 – 11:00 p.m. consists of two cousins, and , both of whom share the same passion for creating music and sharing it with anyone who will listen. The music we create helps us make sense of, and connect with, the world that we live in.

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  • JAHMEN – #22050 One Spark Music Creator

    JAHMEN – #22050 PLAYING @ EU’s  at UNDERBELLY – Wednesday April 8 – 12:00 p.m. Hailing from Jacksonville Beach, the reggae band JAHMEN has been recording and performing their music since 2011. Originally founded by brothers Adam & Alex Leyva and long-time friend Evan Cleaveland, the group has performed shows with many renowned artists in the reggae genre such as JBOOG, Passafire, John Brown’s Body, The Green, The Movement, Barrington Levy, Romain Virgo and many others. While usually prefers to let …

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  • HERD OF WATTS – #22198 One Spark Music Creator

    HERD OF WATTS – #22198 PLAYING @ EU’s ONE SPARK MUSIC CREATORS SHOWCASE at UNDERBELLY – Saturday April 11 – 12:00 p.m.   is a four-piece band from the First Coast, writing and performing original funk and rock locally and throughout the southeast. The band draws upon a wide spectrum of inspiration from motown soul to southern rock, and has been building an energized, diverse following since 2011. At One Spark 2015, the band is seeking support to purchase mixing and …

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  • CONRAD OBERG – #22183 One Spark Music Creator

    CONRAD OBERG – #22183 PLAYING @ EU’s “”MUSIC CREATORS SHOWCASE at UNDERBELLY – Saturday April 11 – 11:00 p.m. Blind from birth, Jacksonville native taught himself to play piano at age two, and by the time he was four could play anything he heard and was performing live. At 10, Conrad recorded his first album at the legendary in Memphis, backed by ‘ band, was given his first guitar, and began headlining rock & blues festivals and clubs throughout the United …

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  • SUNSPOTS – #22052 One Spark Music Creator

    SUNSPOTS – #22052 PLAYING @ EU’s MUSIC CREATORS SHOWCASE at UNDERBELLY – Friday April 10 – 12:00 p.m. Sunspots is an up-and-coming alternative band born right here in Jacksonville about 2 years ago. These four young gentleman show a dedication and admiration of their craft that can really catch your eye. Whether it’s playing for 6 people or a packed house at Freebird they guarantee to put on a show. The moment the show begins is when the magic starts among …

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    JORDYN STODDARD – # 21956 PLAYING @ EU’s MUSIC CREATORS SHOWCASE at UNDERBELLY – Thursday April 9 – 6:00 p.m. and Saturday April 11 – 4:00 p.m. This country music youth sings with the soul of a seasoned veteran, strums a signature turquoise guitar and has years of songwriting under her belt. ‘s debut album, released in March 2015, features the lead-off single, ‘Like Me ‘Til You Love Me,’ co-written by Eric Paslay, Chris Wallin and Matt Nolen. Stoddard also co-wrote …

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  • HUES OF BLUE – #22230 One Spark Music Creator

    HUES OF BLUE – #22230 PLAYING @ EU’s ONE SPARK MUSIC CREATORS SHOWCASE at UNDERBELLY – Wednesday April 8 – 9:00 p.m. Hues of Blue is a post indie rock project with a vintage flavor based out of Jacksonville, FL. Each member of comes with a different musical background, so there is an eclectic edge to the sound. What started out as pure practice together blossomed into a vibrant band. Their songs come to life with bluesy vocals, the smooth, soulful …

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    FJORD EXPLORER – #22211 PLAYING @ EU’s MUSIC CREATORS SHOWCASE at UNDERBELLY – Wednesday April 8 – 7:00 p.m. and Friday April 10 – 5:00 p.m. Fjord Explorer is the name of a Jacksonville folkgaze band lead by . combines Americana elements of lyrically driven songwriting and the sonic ambiance of shoegaze to paint distinct images and emotions through exceptionally passionate music. More info.

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  • KIWI KIWI – #22241 One Spark Music Creator

    KIWI KIWI – #22241 PLAYING @ EU’s ONE SPARK MUSIC CREATORS SHOWCASE at UNDERBELLY – Friday, April 10 – 7:00 p.m. Kiwi Kiwi is a music project created by . Kiwi Kiwi makes beachy, dream pop and indie/folk rock inspired by latin music and life by the sea. combines the influences of surf rock, indie/folk rock, Latin music and dream pop to create a soundscape for life and love in Florida. Anything is possible!

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  • Let It All Hang Out – AFTER MIDNIGHT – #22006 One Spark Music Creator

    AFTER MIDNIGHT – #22006 PLAYING @ EU’s ONE SPARK MUSIC CREATORS SHOWCASE at UNDERBELLY – Thursday, April 9 – 9:00 p.m. After Midnight (A Clapton Experience) is a 6-piece -themed band. Featuring a set list of classic Clapton hits that span his 52-year career, After Midnight skillfully delivers a variety of indelible blues, psychedelic and hard rock, tempered with stirring acoustic ballads, all sure to please lifelong fans and the uninitiated alike. has performed several sold out shows at local venues …

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