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Pedaling Through History and Culture: St. Augustine to host Giro d’Italia Ride Like a Pro event

Words by Carson Rich One of the biggest sporting events in the world is geared up to head to the Sunshine State, and no, it is not the Super Bowl. Giro d’Italia, one of the top three cycling tours in the world, is bringing the authentic feel of the classic Italian cycling race to St. Augustine in January.     The food, wine, music and culture of Italy is one of the main reasons that these tours are so special to many around the world. Races such as the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia present the beloved European atmosphere to …

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Behind the Minds of Florida Fin Fest 

Words by Carmen Macri    If there is one thing Jacksonville loves more than its beaches, it’s a free festival. So, it comes as no surprise that our charming coastal town has eagerly embraced the arrival of the free marine conservation festival, Fin Fest.   As we embark on the third year of Fin Fest, its fundamental mission remains unwavering: to harmoniously blend the worlds of ocean education and entertainment. The aim is to not only enrich our understanding of marine life but also illuminate the ways our daily routines influence these delicate ecosystems.   But before we delve too …

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Jax Beach to Fernandina: The A1A Ocean Islands Trail

A1A Ocean Islands Trail, Florida Scenic Highway, Amelia Island Plantation, Photo courtesy of Amelia Island Conventions and Visitors Bureau

Along the A1A Ocean Islands Trail Jacksonville’s Beaches | Mayport | Broward House | Kingsley Plantation | Big Talbot | Downtown Fernandina Marlin & Barrel Distillery in Fernandina | The Pétanque Courts of Fernandina | American Beach: Under the Blue Bottle Tree with Marsha Dean Phelts | Amelia Island Culinary Academy | Amelia Island Downtown Tasting Tour | The First Coast’s Only AAA Five Diamond Restaurant: Salt at Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island   Every place has a story, stitched together with humble beginnings and historic figures to create a living narrative. In very few places can you travel along a timeline of a region’s history as it unfolds before you. The …

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Midnight Munchies: Late Night Eats Around Jacksonville

Orsay Burger, Restaurat Orsay Late Night Menu, Nightcap, Late Night Eats in Jacksonville, Florida, photo by Nate Mayo, Events, Concerts, Theatre, Art, Happenings, Restaurants & All Things Jacksonville, Florida. EU Jacksonville Newspaper serves more than a million readers across Jacksonville and Northeast Florida, including St. Augustine, Orange Park, The Beaches, and Fernandina. Founded in 1978, our printed newsprint magazine and editorial news platform grants readers 24/7 online access to current events and happenings in their beloved River City on the First Coast of Florida. #eujax

  From shows at the and the , to lively productions at the or , the First Coast is a vibrant metropolis that never sleeps. Whether you’re into country western or comedy, rock-and-roll or jazz, Broadway musicals or pop, Jacksonville offers something for everyone. How many times have you asked yourself after a show, where can we get something good to eat late in the evening? We’re starved! And no matter your tastes, there are many late night hangouts offering inspired dishes and cocktails to keep the festivities going after the show. Here are a few late night favorites in …

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Living Your Dream, on a Yacht

Lily Snowden Imagine waking up on a yacht every day, perhaps in the Bahamas, Mediterranean or Virgin Islands. Sounds like a dream, right? For many young 20-somethings, this is a reality. But how?! One word: yachting. Though many people don’t realize it, the yachting industry has a high demand for workers. With a low cost of living, extended travel dates and other perks, this career has quickly picked up popularity among young Floridians and adventurers alike. Known as “yachties,” they are paid to live what many would consider a dream life: Work on a yacht, travel for free and use …

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Taylor Dayne Interview

Vincent  Hey guys, my name is Vincent Dalessio. I’m here with Folio Weekly, and today I’m talking with Taylor Dayne. She’ll be in town for Everybody’s Favorite Barbecue and Hot Sauce Festival March 13th through the 15th. Welcome, Taylor. Taylor  Thank you so much. Right now I’m in Miami and I have a show here this week. So just getting you know, enjoying being back on the road. Vincent  Awesome. Miami is a great place. I love it down there. Last night, I was doing a little bit of reading on some of your older interviews, and one  interesting topics …

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1,100 Miles the Hard Way

I was recently introduced to the Japanese ritual of Misogi, a Shinto ceremony where people take pilgrimage as a purification ritual, to natural, sacred locales like the waterfalls of Mount Ontake and oceans. This is believed to cleanse impurities and to re-establish harmonious relationships with both themselves and the natural world around them, ultimately balancing one’s life internally and externally.  Learning about this religious ceremony made me realize the idea of pilgrimage-for-purification is quite prevalent in western culture, or example, through-hikers on the Appalachian Trail, but how rare it is for people to personalize their “pilgrimage” to one’s own need …

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Finding Florida’s Bigfoot

The Legend of the Skunk Ape goes beyond imagination. Since the earliest recorded human migration patterns, mysterious cryptids, creatures whose existence is claimed but unsubstantiated, have woven their way through folklore, fables and cautionary tales across the world. Recently, fascination with cryptids has been revived; dozens of online discussion boards have sprung up, and Hulu recently produced a documentary centered on Sasquatch. Better known as Bigfoot, its mythos originated among indigenous populations in the Pacific Northwest. While the existence of cryptids like Bigfoot can be the subject of debate, intriguingly, some cultures acknowledge the same creatures under different names. A …

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Jacksonville, Florida is a Hidden Gem to Live and Play

Jacksonville, Florida is the Hidden Gem of Florida

Jacksonville, Florida, is emerging as a rising travel destination. But what about a destination to live in? The locals have always known that Jacksonville, or Jax as we like to call it, is one of Florida’s little gems. Now others are slowly discovering that Jacksonville is a pretty cool place to live.  Here are 6 things about Jacksonville, Florida that many people overlook, making it one of Florida’s most underrated cities. 1.  Plenty of Outdoor Activities Jacksonville boasts the largest land area of any city in the United States spreading across more than 840 miles. The St. Johns River runs through …

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Fishing in Northeast Florida: Jacksonville is a Fisherman’s Paradise

Fishing the First Coast: Jacksonville and Northeast Florida are a Fisherman’s Paradise, Photos by James Brown

Numerous fish species, unbeatable weather, and a healthy fishing infrastructure make the First Coast a fisherman’s paradise. Our state offers 2,276 miles of tidal shoreline, 10,550 miles of rivers, 7,700 lakes, and countless ponds. The First Coast offers a multitude of options. From offshore saltwater fishing, surf fishing, bridge fishing, river fishing and plenty of freshwater ponds or lakes around, there are options far and wide. Inspiration That Lasts a Lifetime Former Jacksonville Beach Councilman and Mayor Rick Hale has been a fisherman in Florida’s waters for close to 70 years. The native’s passion for fishing was largely influenced by …

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