On Stage

Circular Reasoning

  Inner Circle makes the Florida loop   “Honestly, I really don’t remember the first time we played in Florida,” said Roger Lewis, the leader of Inner Circle, speaking remotely from Miami. “We used to do it a long time ago, come up from Pensacola, go up to Tallahassee, that club down there—it’s still there.” Inner Circle is still here, too, a remarkable feat of longevity in an industry that is completely different than it was when they first started or even just a few years ago. “Brevard County,” interjects his younger brother Ian; his thick patois imparts a level …

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Dear Dumbs,

My wife of 12 years had an old boyfriend reach out to her on Facebook. They exchanged pleasantries and got caught up on one another’s lives. I had and still have zero problem with that. However, I think the conversation is still going and that it may be at a level I’m not comfortable with. I need to know if I should say something. I resist because I don’t want to look like a jealous husband. But my gut tells me something is going on. “Chris” Atlantic Beach TERRY: Oh, the powers of social media. SHARI: Well, “Chris,” you’ve come …

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