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Once Upon a Time in Jacksonville

Words By Ambar Ramirez   Over a century ago, before films were made with sound and before Hollywood became analogous with cinema, Jacksonville was known as the “Winter Film Capital of the World.” From 1907 to 1917, our (you guessed it) winterless climate attracted 30 film studios and filmmakers from all over the world to settle down in the Bold City of the South and produce over 300 silent films.   But as with many valuable and delicate items, many of the films from that time were either lost or destroyed. Nevertheless, if there is one thing Jacksonville is renowned …

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“This Is My Life”

A close-up of local native and filmmaker Harry Williams II regarding his recent projects. Words by Molly Britt “A Life Worthy” is a short film based on the book “Blessed” written by Harry Williams II. The story touches on the life of a young man “who grew up in the hood” and found himself dealing with drugs and violence, despite his loving parents and his path in life, and the film touches on the book’s topics of gang violence, drug deals, life and death situations, and a man simply promising to change his ways and move toward a faith-based life. …

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Honest Art

Inside the Mind of Henry Nader The first time his paintings were on public display Henry R. Nader watched through the gallery window. Rather than pushing himself, his views and his artistic intentions onto the viewers, he sat back, observed and let people experience his art in the most natural way possible: through their own curiosity with their own interpretation. “I saw people having conversations around my pieces. I’m not sure what they had to say, but I’m happy to have sparked any conversation. Even if they were just talking about how much they hated it,” Nader recalled cheekily. Henry …

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The 2019 Jacksonville Film Festival Announces This Year’s Winners

The 2019 Jacksonville Film Festival Announces This Year’s Winners, Awards

Congratulations to all of the filmmakers at the 2019 . The festival received a record 471 film submissions from 41 countries. A total of 101 films were selected, representing 21 countries with 26% being women directors. Congratulations to the winning filmmakers: Best of Fest Mr Sam (United States) Director: Zeus Kontoyannis Best Feature Documentary Who Killed Lt Van Dorn (United States) Director: Zachary Stauffer Best Feature Narrative Every Time I Die (United States) Director: Robi Michael Best Short Narrative Mr Sam (United States) Director: Zeus Kontoyannis Best Short Documentary Exit 12 (United States) Director: Mohammad Gorjestani Best Student Short Mariposas …

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TICKETS ON SALE NOW! 2019 Jacksonville Film Festival Returns Nov 15-17

Lady Hater, Directed by Alexandra Barreto, TICKETS ON SALE NOW! 2019 Jacksonville Film Festival Returns Nov 15-17

Jacksonville Film Festival will host the 2019 Jacksonville Film Festival Nov 15-17 at the . Organizers will celebrate the city’s colorful film history with the theme “First Hollywood” representing the city’s past as the “Winter Film Capital of the World.” For over a century, Jacksonville was home to 30 film studios and played a vital role in the country’s film history. The recalls Jacksonville’s past as a destination for the independent film community and future generations of filmmakers poised to utilize the city as their canvas. “By bringing the festival back to where the industry first began, our organization celebrates …

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Filmmaker Keagan Anfuso: Definitions of Gender and How that Affects the Life of Masculine Women

The Grey Area, Keagan and Drew Brown, The Grey Area: Local Filmmaker Keagan Anfuso Explores the Masculine Female Perspective

The Grey Area: Local Filmmaker Keagan Anfuso and the Masculine Female Perspective Photos by Verance Photography and Geek Chic Photo Keagan Anfuso is more than the sum of what you see. She’s a filmmaker, rock-climbing enthusiast, experience junkie and a consummate talker. She speaks in complex ribbons of thought, layering paragraphs as needed to illustrate a point. She’s passionate about film and dedicated to creating compelling art that sparks meaningful conversation. A single question often elicits a multi-pronged response, branching off down different paths, but ultimately winding up exactly where she was meant to be.  She looks you in the eye and is …

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