The Barge, Southank Riverwalk, Jacksonville FL

New Public Art and BARGE Event Series Will Help Activate Downtown Adding to the exciting wave of Downtown renewal, the new, improved Southbank Riverwalk opened today with an event at Friendship Fountain. Mayor , Council President , Councilmembers ,  and , and other city leaders announced new features and opportunities in celebration of the opening of this renovated  centerpiece. “This newly redesigned  will add even more momentum to our Downtown riverfront and serve as a destination for our residents and visitors,” said Mayor Brown. “This new 4,000-foot Riverwalk provides a unique experience for the public to enjoy our treasured St. …

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Vision for Shipyards Development presented by Shad Khan

Vision for Shipyards Development presented by Shad Khan, Jacksonville, FL - Image courteousy of POPULOUS

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Feb. 17, 2015 – The eagerly anticipated vision to transform the Shipyards riverfront downtown property into a vibrant entertainment and leisure district was presented today by  owner  and team president  on behalf of , a new development entity created by Khan specifically for the . The vision was presented at the Jaguars’ annual state of the franchise event, where updates involving the Jaguars were shared with City leaders and news media in attendance, and online with the public via live streaming. The property, which encompasses approximately 48 acres of City-owned property on the north bank of the St. …

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Veg Fest – March 7 in Riverside Park

Veg Fest, Jacksonville, FL

There are lots of fun events and festivals going on in Jacksonville this spring, but make sure you add the Northeast Florida Veg Fest to your calendar. This festival is more than a great food and beer selection. Veg Fest, presented by , a Jacksonville-based nonprofit focused on animal, health and environmental issues, connects people to local businesses that prove profits and principles can go hand-in-hand. Come relax at the park and enjoy gourmet popsicles, innovative nachos, stonecore pizzas and Jamaican specialties from  out of Gainesville, Florida. Sit in the  beer garden and listen to live music from  and the …

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Old Arlington: Welcome to Chaseville – Blue Cypress Park

Old Arlington, Blue Cypress Park

Location is everything for one of the oldest established neighborhoods in Jacksonville. Once known as , the northern point of Arlington now boasts the  residential development, along with one on Jacksonville’s most user-friendly parks. Nestled just between the city and the sea, Blue Cypress offers a view of the city skyline as a reminder of the busy metropolis just minutes over the Mathews Bridge. A quick trip east promises toes in the sand in just under a half hour. A combination of country club amenities and rustic tranquility, fresh air and sunshine can be found at the Blue Cypress park. …

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Tree Hill Nature Center, Old Arlington, Jacksonville, FL, photo by Fran Ruchalski

“Follow the trail. It is well marked. The alligator will be on your right and the black goats on your left.” These were the intriguing instructions I received on my quest for the  at  on Arlington’s Lone Star Road. I liked Tree Hill instantly when I saw a sign offering free compost at the front gate. I also liked the fact a staghorn fern roughly the size of a golf cart graced the entrance. Well-marked trails led to the office and to the helpful man who provided the garden location instructions. Because the trails close at 4pm, and it was …

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Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens Welcomes Brand New Baby Gorilla!

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens (JZG) proudly announces the first successful gorilla birth in its history. The adorable infant was born the morning of February 6 to mother Bulera, and father, Lash. The newborn will debut on exhibit with mom on Sunday, February 8, pending weather conditions. Our vet and animal staff are closely monitoring mother and baby, but will only offer assistance if needed. Bulera and Lash were recommended to breed by the  (SSP). The Gorilla SSP is a group of zoo professionals who cooperatively manage the gorilla population at zoos accredited by the (AZA). They are responsible for …

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Second Sunday at Stetson’s

A monthly concert program at Beluthahatchee “To stand on the ground that was trod by Stetson Kennedy and Woody Guthrie and to be blessed with the opportunity to perform songs of peace, struggle, and victory in this sacred place is  humbling, thrilling, and awesome all at once. The opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants in the cause of justice and equality for all is a rare and precious gift. I am blessed beyond imagination,” said Paul Garfinkel at the end of the day of the first Sunday at Stetson’s. The National Literary Landmark of Beluthahatchee, the home and …

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Art on Unoccupied Structures Bill Passes Unanimously | Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

Chip Southworth

Jacksonville, Fla. – The Art in Public Places Committee (APPC) and the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville (CCGJ) are proud to celebrate the passing of bill 2014-730 through City Council on Tuesday evening, allowing the solicitation and management of artistic projects on “unoccupied structures” in the Jacksonville urban core. “This has been a true example of collaboration between so many within the arts community, the redevelopment community and city government,” said , chairman of the  board. “It’s a significant step towards our goal of leveraging arts and culture to make downtown the dynamic core a great city deserves.” The change …

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GROW YOUR OWN: Saturday Garden Walk at Zoo

Recently I joined a Saturday Garden Walk at the . These walks are monthly tours of the gardens led by members of the horticulture staff who point out the plants that fit the theme of that tour. The walks usually attract 15-20 participants who learn where to plant each featured specimen, how to care for it, and what to expect from it during the growing year. The theme for the December tour was “Ornamental Grasses and their Cousins.” The guides explained that grasses are Monocots, one of the two types of flowering plants. The other type is a Dicot, and …

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NEIGHBORHOOD: Springfield – Cleaning up Hogans Creek

Operation New Hope

Taking a short walk along a nearby creek reveals what could be interpreted as an alarming statement about the value we place on our waterways. More than 75 tributaries that flow into in the lower portion of the  are impaired with fecal coliform bacteria, and many more with nutrients from lawn fertilizers and agriculture. Difficult issues plague urban core tributaries like , starting near  before running through the heart of historic Springfield and East Jacksonville until it meets the St. Johns River near the  building Downtown. Industrial contamination, coal ash, channelization and the loss of marsh and wetlands all combine …

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