Eyes Wide Open: Discovering Nature in Jacksonville’s Backyard

Tree Hill Nature Center, EU Jacksonville, Field Trips

Remember being nine? Third grade was a magical time of discovery, before the rigors of fractions in the fourth grade, when butterfly wings wore straight pins and quartz crystals shaped many girl’s wedding imagination. It’s a building time that should be in every child’s educational experience. You can still lasso rainbows when your eyes are wide open. The has welcomed third grade students from Duval County schools for field trips for many years. These students get a hands-on experience of the work they do in the classroom. They get to investigate and see, first hand, concepts such as the difference …

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Slow Down with Tour de Farm 2017

Tour de Farm, Slow Food First Coast

Slow Food First Coast is hosting their biannual Tour de Farm November 19th from 12pm to 5pm. The event gives over 15 North Florida farms a chance to open their (barn) doors for a day. Each farm has a restaurant or an artisan food and beverage partner along with fun events for all ages. President of the , , encourages all visitors to bring their adventurous spirit. “Consumers shape the future of local food through the choice they make. We want to spread the word about all of the delicious, beautiful foods being grown and produced right here in our area, …

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Florida Theatre Promotes Civic Engagement in Jacksonville

Florida Theatre, Civic Cinema, All the Presidents Men, Photo by Cristina Danielle O'Connor

CIVIC CINEMA AT THE FLORIDA THEATRE The brisk fall air drifted through the streets below the sparkling Florida Theatre marquee before the theatre’s Civic Cinema debut. Patrons gathered in line after work, conversing about the state of relations between politics and the media ahead of the first movie of the series, All the President’s Men, with a panel discussion to follow. Florida Theatre President, , opened the evening with a brief speech thanking sponsor Community First Credit Union for the season, and Times Union Media and AVL Productions for making the night possible. The audience settled into their seats with …

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STAY HEALTHY: Are Sugar and Flour the Enemy?

Tis the season of sugar and flour in abundance!  Let the emotional eaters and food addicts beware! The shelves of our local grocers and retailers are overflowing with cheaply priced candies, caramelized popcorns, and frosted pastries. The sugar and flour fest begins in October with the fall festivals, Halloween parties and trick or treating. Then, continues on with Thanksgiving, Religious Holiday dinners and ends with . But, does it really end? No, we have birthdays and the rest of the observed holidays for the remainder of the year. There is always a good reason to have sugar and flour but …

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Ancient Rome: Epic Innovators and Engineers at MOSH through Jan 28

Ancient Rome: Epic Innovators and Engineers, Museum of Science and History, MOSH, Jacksonville, Florida

JACKSONVILLE – Imagine traveling back two thousand years to a time of mighty heroes and powerful emperors. Now imagine having the opportunity to use mighty Roman war machines, sundials and water clocks, grinding mills, pottery wheels and much more. That is what is coming to the on September 23, when the acclaimed and award-winning Italian exhibition, Ancient Rome: Epic Innovators and Engineers, opens to the public and runs through January 28, 2018. The interactive exhibition explores an epic period during which Rome conquered much of the ancient world through military ingenuity, oversaw significant feats of construction and pioneered technological innovations that affect our lives today. It features …

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Tree Hill: What A Great Place To Learn!

Butterfly Fest, Tree Hill

The vision of Tree Hill Nature Center is to, “promote environmental stewardship through hands-on educational programs and low-cost access to natural spaces.” Let’s unpack these ideas a bit, and explore the kind of education that helps to promote environmental stewardship. Environmental stewardship is about using and protecting natural resources through conservation and sustainability. This is predicated on the age old tenet of protecting resources to ensure they are available for future generations. As our understanding of environmental science, ecology, and the connectedness of Earth’s systems have broadened, natural resources are, increasingly, appreciated for their intrinsic value. Together these ideas inform …

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World Suicide Prevention Day: Elizabeth Wilder Discusses ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’ Project

LOVE IS THE MOVEMENT Growing up my Mom always expressed to both my sister and me that kindness is a way of life and I had always heard the expression “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. So be kind.” Today, on this special day of awareness for World Suicide Prevention Day (9/10,) this expression holds a deeper meaning and carries more weight than just a simple phrase. Over the years the suicides of famous musicians and actors who seemed to have it all have taken over the news, while social media has allowed for a …

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THE FARTHEST – VOYAGER IN SPACE Will Premiere August 23 on PBS


IN CELEBRATION OF40th ANNIVERSARY OF THE VOYAGER LAUNCH NEW YORK, NY – PBS announced today that THE FARTHEST –VOYAGER IN SPACE, a two-hour special about NASA’s historic Voyager mission to explore our solar system and beyond, will premiere nationally on August 23 at 9:00 p.m. ET on PBS stations, in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the first Voyager launch. The documentary was an official selection in the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival as part of the festival’s Viewpoints program. With participation from more than 20 of the original and current mission scientists, engineers and team members, THE FARTHEST –VOYAGER IN SPACE tells captivating tales of one of humanity’s greatest achievements in exploration. From supermarket aluminum …

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Amelia Island Downtown Tasting Tour: Four cocktails, 13 strangers, and One Blast of a Bar Crawl

Amelia Island Downtown Tasting Tours holds mixology tours every Friday and Saturday from 5:30pm–7:30pm. Priced at $45, each tour includes four local bars (different every outing), where attendees (no more than 14 per group) sample one cocktail per venue. For more information and to book, visit ameliaislanddowntowntastingtours.com. You know that mixing vodka, gin, and rum may not be a smart idea. But you do not let that thought linger; you are about to have a good time. You stroll into the homey (www.holacubancafe.com) in downtown . The owner, Marisol—last names are a needless formality in this tight community—beams from behind …

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Getting to Know Fernandina Flavor: Amelia Island Culinary Academy

Amelia Island Culinary Tour

Getting to know an area is as much about the local food as it is about the history and landmarks. That’s a concept that the Amelia Island Culinary Academy thoroughly embraces. Before his market tour class arrives,  has already been to the Farmers Market on Center Street in Fernandina Island. It’s just five blocks from the , which is tucked down the same side street as 29 South and the Mermaid Bar/Florida House Inn. He’s cutting Florida-grown strawberries from the market, doing the last of the prep work before the class arrives, when I find him. “Of course I go …

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